Should Laurent Depoitre of the world cup in Russia dreams?

Laurent Depoitre is at Huddersfield, in the Premier League, above water again after a lesser (athletic) period at FC Porto. To the extent that he again quietly of the world cup in Russia, dare to dream. Some excerpts from the interview with Sport/Voetbalmagazine.

Laurent Depoitre for the Red Devils. © BELGA

Laurent Depoitre about…

… his wishes for 2018:

“I think that I have many more than I could ever imagine. To my 23rd was football a hobby, something besides my studies. I saw myself until then, never as a professional footballer. Maybe that made me one challenge after the other dared to go: Aalst, Ostend, Ghent, Porto, today the Premier League.

‘I put always steps without all of the following to think. This is why you go to me today not hear about plans for the future. The cases take as they are me so far, well ahead helped.’

… his failed adventure at FC Porto:

“I think that I still could succeed, but it is not in my favor and me. As a team you will pick, it is because they have a chance to see that you are an improvement for that team. The problem was that I very quickly get the trust of the trainer lost and myself on the field not feeling well. I received from all corners of criticism, and there could be difficult.

“For the first time in my career I was also a substitute player. That is a thankless role that a lot of mental strength requires. Eventually I came in a vicious circle: as the weeks pass, you lose more and more hope. At the end I still had so little self confidence that I was relieved it was with a place on the bench. I knew I was in the field, however, was no longer able to show what I could do.’

… his chances with the Red Devils:

“When I was a Porto left, that was not with the Red Devils in the mind. I sat there in such a complex situation that I only have fun on the field wanted to find. The Devils, that is the Holy Grail, but of the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia with a goal to make I do not want to. I’m too afraid to be disappointed.

‘If there are no injuries to come, a selection will be difficult. No opportunities to play gigs get in the friendlies against Mexico and Japan is not in my favor, that I also know. I am not jealous of the credit that Origi and Benteke, though I think that I might as well had been able to do if they. I am a fighter who thinks he is his place within that group. Those two are two superjongens that for several seasons and proved that they have the level.

‘My chances on a world cup are limited, but that is not to say that I don’t think. To me the choice of trainer is hard to make.’

Read the full interview with Laurent Depoitre in our +zone, or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 20 december.

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