Shipwreck secrets revealed: Guns, anchor off treasure-laden wreck discovered

Divers found seven guns, and an anchor of the merchant vessel President in the near Porthleven, Cornwall.

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Divers in the united kingdom have discovered more fascinating artifacts from a treasure-laden ship that sank in the late 17th century.

Described as one of England’s richest wrecks, the merchant ship President was carrying a cargo of diamonds and pearls from India when she sank during a storm in February 1684.

First remains of the ship, which sank in sight of land off the coast of Cornwall, were discovered in 1988 and 1989, when 17 guns and an anchor have been found.

Divers have now discovered 7 more of the ship’s cannons and another anchor, to help them piece together more details of the ship’s last moments. The President had a total of 36 guns.


None of the 23 guns that are found are raised from the seabed.

Two of the President of the guns

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“We found a new part of the site – we think it’s an important key,” Mark Milburn, co-founder of the Cornwall Maritime Archaeology, who participated in the last dive, told Fox News. “What we found was [in] the shallow [water] – I would assume that the ship struck the rock in shallow water, and fell asleep.”

The area where the ship sunk is a well-known shingle bar called Loe Bar. SNWS reports that the recent storms probably moved from the beach of Loe Bar, the reveal of the artifacts to Milburn and Cornwall Maritime Archaeology co-founder David Gibbins.

After hitting a rock, the ship probably drifted to the area where the 17 cannons and an anchor were found 20 years ago, according to Milburn. “We have probably the start of the trail, what they found was the middle of the trail,” he said, pointing out that the other cannons, and other items from the ship, are still to be found. “What we have found is the end of the trail.”


So, it is likely that a treasure will be found?

President sank during a storm in February 1684

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Milburn, who estimates that the ship was transporting a cargo to the value of 8 million pounds in the united kingdom, the modern money ($10.7 million), says that the finding of the jewels will not be easy. “It really is a needle in a haystack – it is a gravel bar, it is a liquid environment,” he explained.

Also the spot of the treasure would be a big challenge for divers. “Diamonds in the water are transparent, the pearls would look like gravel, we have billions of tons of gravel that are moving all the time,” Milburn explained.

However, there is a chance that other items may be in the vicinity of the ship from the cannons. “If we find guns, we are very excited because, if we are allowed to dig around them, there will be ‘deposits’ of the items in the vicinity of the cannon when the ship sank,” he said.

Deposits occur when an iron object affects in the water, causing a reaction that forms sand and other objects in the neighborhood in a dense layer around the object. “The things that [iron object], is included in its presence,” Milburn added.


President’s sinking was a tragic end to a very busy last journey

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President’s sinking was a tragic end to a very exciting journey. The crew of the ship had already survived a battle with pirates off India’s Malabar Coast during her journey home, as well as in the vicinity of the hunger. After the devastating storm sunken voc-ship, only two of the President of the 120 members of the crew made it back to England.

The survivors of the accounts of the ship from the last trip were revealed in a pamphlet published a few months after President sink.

Milburn, who is also the owner of Atlantic Diving, told Fox News that he visited the wreck again. “We should wait for the right time in the weather,” he said.

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