– Ship with over 150 rescued migrants should be in Italian waters, to enter

A boat with about 150 rescued the migrants on board set course for the Italian island of Lampedusa. That came after a court in Rome has decided that the vessel should be admitted to Italian territorial waters.

The organization of the ship on the Open Arms was sounding the alarm to sound in on the situation to the board. There, the voltage is in accordance with the founder’s high. “There is a disagreement about the areas in the shade, spots in the sun, the food, and the row in front of the toilet,” he told a Spanish radio station.

The district court acknowledged on Wednesday that there had been an “extremely serious” situation and that immediate assistance needs to be provided to passengers who need it. The decision is not whether the ship is allowed to dock and the sailors of the country are allowed to play in Italy.

Camps have responded, delighted at the verdict. “We’ll be able to in Italian waters, to enter without fear of penalty, or the confiscation of the ship,” he said in a single press. It would not have been the intent, without consent, such as a ship, the Sea-to Watch the 3 before it did.

Pronunciation of concern for the minister of Internal Affairs

The ruling is a setback to prime minister Matteo Salvini (of the Interior). He accuses aid agencies of which are migrants from small boats to rescue in Libya, people smugglers for help. The organizations that reddingsschepen to the Open Arms and say, correctly, to save lives.

The ministry of the Salvini has announced it will lodge an appeal against the decision. “In the Open, the Rain continued for days on end in the Libyan and Maltese waters. There did not interfere with other operations, and gather them systematically, and those with a political purpose, they will go to Italy in order to bring in,” according to the department.

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