Ship US provokes China, Taiwan and Vietnam in the South China Sea

Ship US provokes China, Taiwan and Vietnam in the South China Sea

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A U.s. navy ship on Sunday, along a disputed group of islands in the South China Sea hazards. That was a signal to China, Taiwan and Vietnam, all of which the Paraceleilanden as their ownership, had the Us department of Defense to know.

The guided-missile equipped destroyer USS Stethem run at a distance of less than 12 nautical miles along the island of Triton, which is part of the archipelago. That was a so-called ‘freedom of navigation’operation. the first since the end of may, when another navy vessel at the same distance along an artificial Chinese island in the South China Sea, it feed.

A distance of 12 nautical miles is seen internationally as the standard distance for a territorial boundary at sea. When the American naval ships that are boundary aware exceed is true that as a signal that the U.S. claims to the area do not acknowledge.

In a statement, said the Chinese ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday that the American ship without permission rushed into the Chinese territorial waters. Spokesman Lu Kang called this a “serious political and military provocation” and said China naval vessels and combat aircraft to the area sent to the USS Stethem warn to stay away from the.

“China urges the American camp, greatly on to this kind of provocative actions immediately, because they affect the sovereignty of China seriously violate the security of China in danger,” said Lu Kang, who added that the country has all the necessary measures will take to defend themselves.

Volatile relationship

The difference between the Paraceleilanden and the artificial Chinese islands is that the latter much more recently. “In every practical sense, China has the Paraceleilanden since 1974 under his control,” says Mira Rapp-Hooper, a South China Sea expert at the think tank Center for a New American Security.

The relationship between the government-Trump and the Chinese leadership is uncertain. The Us president has his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in the past, frequently praised, but it also exerts pressure, because he will find that China does very little to the nuclear and missile programmes of its protégé North Korea to curb.

Last house explained the US imposed sanctions on two Chinese citizens and a transportation company, which is involved in the North Korean weapons programs. Also accuses the country, a Chinese bank, its money laundering for the North Korean regime.


Another major issue for China is that the government-Trump recently a wapenhandelsovereenkomst to the value of 1.2 billion euro, which closed with Taiwan. The independence of that country is not recognised by China that a military attack on the island has never excluded.

The presidents Trump and Xi Jinping and the Japanese prime minister minister shinzo Abe meet on Friday and Saturday in Hamburg at the G20 summit, where they a number of times with each other will speak. Prior to the summit to talk to the leaders Sunday evening (Us time) with each other.

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