Shia LaBeouf makes excuses for misconduct against agents

Shia LaBeouf makes excuses for misconduct against agents

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Shia LaBeouf Wednesday via Twitter, apologized for his misconduct against agents in Savannah, in the U.s. state of Georgia.

The 31-year-old actor was on Saturday arrested due to public drunkenness and scolded agents. LaBeouf acknowledges an alcohol addiction and says help to begin the search.

TMZ writes that Labeouf in the night from Friday to Saturday, an unknown person for a cigarette early in the morning. When the 31-year-old actor not got it he started cursing at bystanders.

He was then asked to leave, but gave no hearing, and was rather aggressive against an agent. Then wanted the agent Labeouf arrest. That failed because the Transformers actor ran away to a hotel. Once there, he could still be held.


Wednesday night made LaBeouf excuses and told to be ashamed for his behavior. “My lack of respect for authority is problematic and destructive. This is a new low. I hope the soil.”, wrote the actor in a statement on Twitter.

“I struggle for far too long with an alcohol addiction, I now take steps to sober to be and hope that my errors to me be forgiven,” concludes the actor.

In 2014, the American been arrested earlier for drunkenness. That happened during a performance in a theatre in New York. When the police came to him to arrest he cried, “you know who I am?!”


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