She Ragas sees himself not as a singer

She Ragas sees himself not as a singer

She Ragas, one of the participants of the new season of It Takes 2, considers herself despite her singing experience not as a professional singer.

In 2003, was the presenter in the musical 3 Musketeers, where she and her husband Bastiaan got to know. “I have never thought of myself as a singer seen. I have indeed ever seen a musical done, but that role came a little in my lap fall. I have no vocal done and was not in that world,” says Ragas in conversation with REUTERS.

“I found it crazy that I have the musical should do, and if I don’t note it could sing, they had me also really not requested. Within two days I was the new musical star, but some nuance is required here. It was a fun supporting role, with one and a half song. I have done well and I still find it cool, but I don’t think of myself as a singer. I have never been on my own a whole room having to entertain with music.”

Another life

Ragas are participating in the RTL show “because I sing have always enjoyed”. “The recent years I have been at home in the bathroom, in the car and with my children sung. That musical is fourteen years ago. Then I have children. It is truly a different life.”

“I’m 42 and think it’s crazy to discover what there is in the meantime my voice has happened. I am a different person now and how does that sound? I think it’s very exciting and the stage is scary. Singing is different than the present, then I’m in charge. But I want to learn.”

Ragas sitting in the team van Trijntje Oosterhuis where Ruben Nicolai is part of. Sunday night in the fourth episode, singing the CELEBRITIES not only duet with their prof, but do they also all have a teamoptreden. Rapper Emperor and Hanna Verboom from the show. The other remaining CELEBRITIES are: Gijs Staverman, Buddy Vedder, Holly Mae Brood and Bibi Breijman.

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