Shark’s sudden u-turn ‘could mean that something big’

File photo of a great white shark.

(Discovery Channel via AP)

We can’t exactly give EPT tests to the sharks in the wild to find out if she is pregnant, but scientists think that there is a different idea. Shark-tracking group OCEARCH, tells the News & Observer is the following a great white with the name of Miss Costa, and the nearly 1,700-pound fish recently a navigation movement that the organization has been observed in other great whites.

As a card on Twitter let see, Miss Costa is the travel up and down the east coast over the past few weeks, most recently sticking close to the coast of south Carolina as they went to the north.

Suddenly last week, however, made a sharp turn to the right, then a complete U-turn, in deeper waters, which OCEARCH says “could mean something big.” “It is an action that we have kept other adult females,” OCEARCH, tells the News & Observer.

“We suspect that means that they are pregnant.” of the reason OCEARCH has to the use of the word “suspicious” is that little is actually known about shark reproduction.

Great white sharks, National Geographic is considered to be a “mystery” reproduce every two or three years, but a birth has never been observed in the wild.

On the Facebook page of the organization, notes another possibility: Miss Costa “would just take a unique route back to Nantucket.” Regardless of the outcome, “we are excited to find out what happens,” the group adds.

(We may not have ever seen great whites mate and give birth, but a ‘Shark Week’ team says it caught images of a nap.)

This article originally appeared on Newser: Shark’s Sudden u-turn ‘Could Mean that Something Big’

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