Shark attacks 23-year-old surfer on Hawaii beach



How to prevent a shark attack

Tips to know how to prevent a shark attack

A young man sitting on an 8-foot surfboard in Oahu on Saturday was attacked by a shark, which is a little bit of his elbow and wrist, causing him to bleed profusely.

“You kind of just saw blood everywhere,” quoted surfer Ryan Hailstones, which was about 20 metres from the attack, so to speak. “It was beautiful, glassy, really good waves, and all of a sudden you hear someone scream ‘Help! Shark! Help!'”

“I saw the fin go back-and-forth, back-and-forth while he’s screaming trying to fight the shark off,” he said.

Several surfers is created in action, so the man, who is 23, on the coast and making a tourniquet of their surf leashes, reported KHON2.

Hailstones said the area, Laie Beach Park, also known as Pounders Beach, where the man was attacked has the tendency to be rather empty, but thankfully it was very busy on Saturday.

Tiger sharks are seen in a part of Hawaii


“We safely got him to the beach and got through to one of these beach huts and 911,” he said. “We re-did the tourniquet when we are down there.”

“It seemed as if he was losing blood really fast and the tourniquet really helped.”

You kind of just saw blood everywhere. It was beautiful, glassy, really good waves, and all of a sudden you hear someone scream ‘Help! Shark! Help!’

– Ryan Hailstones, witness

Witnesses told KHON2 that the victim was remarkably friendly after the trial, thanking those who had helped him. Paramedics took the man to the hospital, where he was in serious condition.

“He actually had a smile on his face] in the ambulance, and he was thanking everybody,” Hailstones said. “He was a nice guy and I hope he recovers well.”

In June, Hawaii, director of the State Aquarium have been warned for multiple shark sightings in Oahu and Maui – not uncommon in a time of the year, when the beaches attract more surfers and swimmers, reported KHON2.

Among the species spotted in the area are hammerhead and tiger sharks

Hammerhead sharks are in the form of sharks seen in Hawaii


“If they hang around an area, it is usually an indication that there is food there,” said Andrew Rossiter, the State Aquarium director. “Maybe there is something dead under the water, and the smell has attracted.”

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