‘Share of residential burglary is the biggest in Rotterdam

‘Share of residential burglary is the biggest in Rotterdam

In the ones in Rotterdam are relatively the most burglaries in houses committed. 87 percent of all notifications in this region concerns a burglary.

What bedrijfsinbraken concerning running the regions east and north of the Netherlands first. The percentage is more than 22 percent higher than in Rotterdam, according to research by

Most burglaries take place between three and four hours at night. In this hours is 22 percent of the inbraakmeldingen done.

Two hours later, between 5.00 and 6.00 a.m., is in the area of notifications, the calmest. Nationwide, there are an average of 71 inbraakmeldingen night passed. For the study, they made use of politiecijfers from the period 2013 – 2016.


On Saturday, most of the reports, on Wednesday the least. Then there is 13 percent less often made than on the Saturday. December is on average about 22,000 reports the busiest month, followed by January and november. In June and september are the least notifications.

In eastern and central Netherlands to be there in the last few years less inbraakmeldingen done. In the province of Limburg is, however, a slight increase, which mainly comes from an increase in the number of residential burglary.

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