‘Shame and cost remain an obstacle to perform std test’

‘Shame and cost remain an obstacle to perform std test’

According to experts, sti-self-test for men the threshold is lower for an std test to do, provided that the test is reliable and people good information. “People often find it difficult to a doctor to tell why they are at risk.”

However, around 70 percent of the people who suspect a std just go to the doctor. “But there are also people who, for a variety of reasons not dare to show,” says Hanna Woods, doctor for infectious disease control of Soa Aids Nederland.

According to Woods, people don’t along the general practitioner because they often have to deal with unexpected cost of an std test.

“The consultation with the gp by the health insurance agencies. What many people do not know is that the cost of the std test in the laboratory is also costly and that the cost of the private risk off.”

In the Netherlands a so-called specified risk group is free on stds get tested at the Municipal health service (GGD). Especially young people under 25 years of age constitute a risk group and are relatively often tested positive for chlamydia. Also people who have complaints or have been told they have an std fall under the risk group. People outside this group, need for the std test pay.

Furthermore, men who have sex with men, people with a migrant background, for example, from eastern Europe and Africa and commercial sex workers within this risk group. This group may be located at the GGD in the Netherlands free testing stds.

These are the most common std’s in the Netherlands


In the past, it took a chlamydiatest sometimes 200 euro, and now that amount will be reduced to about 40 euros. However, the cost of testing of men who have sex with men is higher. “The advice is for men who have sex with men are always multiple stds, including hiv, and multiple lichaamslocaties such as throat, urine and rectum, to the test.”

“Often people think: let std test but, because they have no symptoms. In that respect certainly, chlamydia is a major risk in women,” continues Woods. “They often experience no symptoms, while infection with these stis in the longer term could have a major impact. About five hundred women per year, for example, be infertile by chlamydia.”

Therefore, says wood, that it is important to ask for advice when you have a std or another infection they may have. “Soa Aids Nederland has the website set up for people to refer to reliable providers of care. An earlier study of Soa Aids Netherlands, proved to be of the twenty online providers of sti self-testing, only five laboratoriumaanbieders to be reliable.


There are two types of sti self-testing. The so-called test, such as, for example, a pregnancy test, and a laboratory test. In a laboratory people take a sample, and a laboratory diagnosis.

“The simple thuistests which is itself a result are not reliable. Abroad, there are reliable thuistests for example, for hiv to obtain, but they are not for sale in the Netherlands. The tests that a laboratory diagnosis it gives are reliable.”

However, stresses to the doctor that information to thuistesten is essential. “When the information is not good would be a woman, for example, only her vagina can test for chlamydia, while, for example, also in the anus may be present, but not tested. Someone must therefore be a good and appropriate advice.”

Also warns Forest that online tests are available to purchase that are redundant. “Sometimes certain ‘complete packages for the woman’ offered over the internet. But these packages often contain tests that are not indicated, and it is often also unnecessary.”

“This gives women an std test, but also, for example, a test for the Candida fungus signals. Often they have to pay so much money, while you are not on a yeast infection must start testing when you don’t have any complaints. Many women carry a fungal infection, but if there are no problems, you need no treatment”, says Forest.

Level of education

The group of low educated people in the GCD passes by has relatively more common stis in relation to the group of higher educated people. And in the group of young people under 20 years of age are also more stis than in the group that is older than 20 years. So chose GGD Amsterdam to this group of ‘older young people’ only allow if there are also risk contracting an std. Every GCD makes his own choices, as too many people, a consultation want.

The GGD notice them for years that people every now and then certain symptoms or risky contacts, pretend to free helped. “Sometimes we see people with certain symptoms at the clinic visit, which is not necessarily eligible for a free treatment. We need to set boundaries,” says a spokesman.

A spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) explains that a few years ago, the number of tests enormously increase. “The public health service annually receives around 33 million euro budget for std research, allowing a maximum number of consultations is set. Because the public health service today more freedom to the laboratories to negotiate the price of the laboratory, these costs are reduced.”


The number of women and heterosexual men that in the last years positive tested for the sexually transmitted disease (std) chlamydia, is increased again. In total, 20.698 people the diagnosis of chlamydia, 11 percent more than in 2015, reported the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in early april.

In total there were more then 143,000 std tests are on the GCD done in the past year. That there are 5 percent more than the previous year. At 18,4 percent was actually one or more stis detected. In the previous year to 17.2 percent of those tested for a sexually transmitted disease.

“Stds and hiv infections continue to be a problem, but compared to the rest of the world does the Netherlands relatively well. “Certainly when we look at Eastern Europe,” says Woods. “Yet, we see in the Netherlands that the number of notifications of syphilis and Gonorrhea among gay men the last time increases.”

According to the doctor, infectious disease control can also have the information even better. “There are all sorts of proven to be an effective curriculum, such as Long Live the Love, but the Dutch schools are still to little to use and that is unfortunate. The younger people are, the more risk they run, so education is key.”

The opinion of the ngo Soa Aids Nederland is regular testing and, especially, to protect you against stds and hiv.

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