“Sexual education at school don’t connect well with young people’

“Sexual education at school don’t connect well with young people’

The sex education given in schools do not connect well with young people and in many cases uncomfortable. This is evident from a new study on the sexual education in ten different countries was examined.

Young people, usually between twelve and eighteen years old, was asked about the sexual education that they received at school. Among the countries were the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Iran, Brazil, and Sweden. An analysis of the total of 55 qualitative studies is published in the scientific journal BMJ Open.

Although the information is different in every country, it became clear that many students are generally negative about the given lessons. The researchers suggest that schools sexual education is often the same approach as any other box. While the information, according to them, borne by it needs to be addressed.

“They keep a little account with that sex for someone schaamtevol and fear can deliver,” says researcher Pandora Pound to TIME.

Also, according to her, many of the schools the idea that students are not sexually active. Because of this, there is a space between the information given and the reality. Further a lot of information is given that only focuses on sex between heterosexuals.

Scientific approach

The researchers conclude that education does not go beyond sexual health, the prevention of venereal diseases and what to do in pregnancy and how to prevent it.

The substance is also often approached academically. There is little talk about pleasure and desire. Even experienced students of the lessons of their teachers as uncomfortable and embarrassing.

To the sexual education in schools to improve they can the best external hire people, set Pound. That should experts are further and further from students than the teachers. In addition, they must be positive towards sex.

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