“Sex at age is better for women than for men’

“Sex at age is better for women than for men’

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In comparison with women, older men who regularly have sex and enjoy it more at risk for health problems.

In a study of the Michigan State University were the data of 2.204 of people gathered who were part of The National Social Life, Health and Aging Project. In the first part of the research, from 2005 began, the participants were between 57 and 85 years of age. For the study, they were asked questionnaires about their health and lifestyle to fill in. After a period of five years, they had to do it again.

In men in the age who have one or more times per week had sex, it was not uncommon for that they suffered from cardiovascular diseases at the end of the study period than men who are less or not had sex. The increased risk was not with the female participants were identified.

Within the research looks at heart – a disease such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate, heart heart attacks, heart failure and stroke.

The results of the research are published in The Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

Risk men

Researcher Hui Liu will find the results amazing. “Our results show that the risk for cardiovascular disease in men who regularly have sex two times higher than in men who are sexually inactive. In addition, the risk in men who have normal or above-average extent, enjoy sex than men in a lesser degree of enjoy.”

According to Liu would be the reason for this may be that men age more stress and exhaustion experienced, because they have more competition experience than men of younger age. Older men are more likely to have difficulty getting an erection and orgasm, as possible by medical and/or psychological reasons.

“Doctors should talk with their patients about the risks of sexual activity age, and men who regularly have sex), tests on risks in the cardiovascular area.”


According to Liu, has a high sexual life for women a positive effect, because the hormone that is released during an orgame should have a positive impact on health.

Also would rather research have shown that strong and intimate relationships have a good effect on the health of the woman.

“This is more relevant for men than for women,” says Liu. “For men, it is generally more likely to gain support from their partner than this for women is the case. Women only in qualitative relationships, therefore, have such health benefits.”

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