Seven useful addresses for plus size shoppers

Online shopping is done already today almost as routine as an afternoon of shopping at the Meir. It’s easy, it’s fast and you can without problems return: so why still sweating, puffing and dragging in a fitting room? Here are our favorite webadresjes.

© SwimSuitsForAll

Clothes is not a particularly pleasant event, and certainly not for the plus sizes among us. The undersigned has often frustrated, in tears or sore transpirerend between the four walls of a winkelpaskamer been to ultimately all of the items back in to supply. Too close to the buttocks, tight to the arms, the top too big, bottom too small. A lot of chains to make it worse, and eliminate their plus size collection to the back of the store, or moving the pieces to their online store. Recognizable? lijstte the most vormvriendelijke web shops for a relaxtere shop review:

€ = 0 – 50 euro €€ = 50 – 100 euro €€€ = > 100 euro

  • ‘Plus’ from Forever 21 (€)

Skirt (13,97 euro), shirt (13 euros) © Forever 21

No onflatterende jute bags that you usually under your nose if curvier, but contemporary, “normal” clothes that everyone in his cabinet has to hang. You get the choice between fine basics, but also statement pieces that, according to many, not in the wardrobe of a pal 44+ belong. Forever 21 pulls himself nothing of, and supplements its online shelves with a large crop tops and tulle skirts to soft prizes so that girls and women themselves can decide what they want to wear. Downside: that soft prizes depends, of course, also a price. (We wrote here previously that it is very difficult to ethically and ecologically justified plus size clothing to find it.)

  • Torrid (€)

Is just about the Mecca of each and every plus sized fashionista: both a size 40 as a size 56 in the (t)racks. Tentatively they opened only stores in California, but they plan an expansion towards the rest of the USA and Canada. Faces of Torrid were, among others, the blonde plus size model Georgina Burke, and they brought more diversity into the picture by the gorgeous Philomena Kwao to turn in 2014. At the end of October designed by actress Rebel Wilson for Torrid, a private urban-inspired clothing line for Torrid, which you can admire.

Rebel Wilson for Torrid ©

  • Modcloth (€€)

ModCloth is a vintage and indie loving shop that is looking for independent designers, unique pieces on the market. Here you can find not only the standard sizes: some pieces are going to 4LXL, the same clothing can be worn as the rest of the ModCloth shoppers. Fine: if you are between the tabs, look at the top, you sometimes see a plus size model to appear. Not only ideals, but a fair representation of the streetscape. On ModCloth, you have also the possibility to be fair to shop because the online shop to reserve a corner of their website for “Mata Traders”, an organization that is beautiful and fair clothing in India and Nepal, also for sizes XL!


  • Asos Curve (€-€€)

Missguided Plus Cape Dress, 49 euro ©

Probably the best offer that you can find if your circumference is larger than a size 40. You can find Asos really everything: long dramatic prom dress, jeansrokjes and eclectic doorkijkbloezen for plus size babes. Just a pity that it is doubtful remains where the kledingwaren are made: to be honest find clothes larger than a size 44 you need to go almost to become professional internetdetective. Nevertheless, there are a number of websites where you can go for a (admittedly) limited selection.

  • Etsy (€€€)

Etsy, for example. Find online ethical clothing for curvy women is the internetequivalent of a needle in a haystack. It seems that one can still not look beyond buddy 42 or 44 what honest clothes. For those from that boat, of course, there’s always Etsy. On this platform, ordinary people have to work with a needle and thread to create what you want to wear and buy: also plus size clothing. Spotted on the website under the search term ‘plus size’: a dark red raincoat, a polkadotjurk and a pencil skirt. Downside: although clothing made to make the safest choice, this is usually a pretty price tag.

  • Maison Curriculum

Curriculum, wijnkleurig vest © Curriculum

On the website of this Belgian label, you get a welkomstfilmje to see, which explains that the confectiewereld for many years already will try to make us all in the same cut to fit. Miet Crabbé of ‘Curriculum’ brings popular basics in a proper fit for every type of figure. How does it work? You can choose the length of your dress, how the sleeves should look like, and your décolleté et voilà, you have your own basic dress designed. Currently, the online store is still in start-up phase, and is a financial contribution through Kickstarter is more than welcome. Click here to of Curriculum’s first collection ‘Rosas’ tasting.

  • Madison Plus Select (€€)

Romantic Lace Dress, 92 euro ©

A plus size clothing retailer especially for safe play. If you are not a fan of trendy crop tops and find a dress is actually all challenging enough? Then you have Madison to the right place.Sidenote: your dress sizes would you choice must not restrict, anyone can look fabulous. If you really do not want to believe, then feel free to continue. Brave dresses, jackets and safe lengths, where you are always at your ease to feel and great for the office or if you work for a class puberende boys state to give a lesson.


Read more about the (un)sense of plus size clothing lines? Click here.

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