Seven tips for a trip to the Czech republic

The Czech republic has beautiful cities, historic towns, vast forests, rugged mountains and sometimes it seems as if time has stopped. And it is affordable. Seven insider tips for a holiday in this beautiful country in the heart of Europe.

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The Czech republic has beautiful cities, historic towns, vast forests, rugged mountains and sometimes it seems as if time has stopped. And it is an affordable country. The tourist office of the Czech republic provides seven insider travel tips for a trip to this – with the exception of the capital Prague, has not yet by tourists off the beaten country in the heart of Europe.

1. Skiing in the ore mountains

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The prediction of a winter holiday in the Czech republic: affordable, there are charming towns in the vicinity, and the areas are very suitable for those who have never been on the slats has been.

The ore mountains constitute the border between the Czech republic and Germany, and the height of the peaks on the Czech side is called Klínovec (1244 m). Skiareal Klínovec is the largest ski resort in the ore mountains. Together with the German ski resort fichtelberg mountain offer the two ski resorts, a joint ski pass, and there is a shuttle bus service link the areas together.

Skiareal Klínovec has 33 km of ski slopes in all difficulty levels. Also, there is a snowpark with many jumps and obstacles. The area think also to the small visitors, for which a kinderskipark available.

2. Cycling along the Elbe

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The Czech republic is an excellent cycling. The routes are well marked and run through woods, along rivers and cute towns. The Elbe route is the most popular cycle route in the Czech republic and is suitable for everyone, because of the small height differences.

The path is part of EuroVelo, the network of cycling routes through Europe. This long afstandspad runs from Germany all the way to the source of the river Elbe in the Giant mountains to Czech republic. The Czech part called Labská ?CCR, is 370 km long and crosses picturesque villages such as D??in, M?lník and the historical bisschopstad Litom??ice. Looking for a place to stay? Along the way there are enough bike-friendly campsites and hotels to find.

3. Beer and hiking in the karkonosze mountains

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A combination which for many people is perfect and that is exactly what four mini-breweries in the highest mountains of the Czech republic also thought. They developed the ‘Krkonose beer route (‘. While walking you will discover the nature reserve and you’ll come to the one of the highest breweries of the Czech republic. In total, the hike is 22 miles long, but it can also be easily extended. Who it easy to want to do, you want to finally, all beers can drink, can also stay overnight in one of the guest houses.

4. Colours of Ostrava: the largest music festival

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The hip side of the Czech republic can be experienced at the music festival Colours of Ostrava from 19 to 22 July. This four-day music festival takes place in the East in the Czech republic city of Ostrava at this awesome location, namely around an old steel mill. Various stages are on the 300-acre industrial park. Artists who this year will occur are o.a. Norah Jones, Birdy, and Imagine Dragons. Not unimportant: a ticket for four days costs only 88 euro.

5. Baroque festival in Český Krumlov

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In the Czech republic is 2017 in the sign of the baroque. The country houses a lot of baroque treasures and not only in Prague. In the South-Bohemian town ?eský Krumlov seems like you hundreds of years back in time, but during the baroque festival it becomes even more realistic. From 15 to 17 september the event is held and there are several places performances, which are accompanied with beautiful costumes, dance and music in time of baroque.

6. Alternative trip to Kutná Hora

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The mijnersstadje Kutná Hora is just an hour’s drive from Prague. The city is compact, and getting lost is almost impossible, but the atmosphere is wonderful. Less tourists than Prague, but sufficient to see and do.

The main attractions are the St. Barbara cathedral and the Ossuary of Sedlec, a church decorated with thousands of bones. The silver museum and an exciting visit to the silver mine is also recommended. Armed with a white doktersjas, helmet and lamp discover the dark dungeon. Eettip: Restaurant Da?ický. For the ultimate in Czech gastronomic experience.

7. Wine festivals in South Moravia

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South Moravia is known as the wine region of the Czech republic. Vineyards and wine cellars are to be found everywhere. In the last few years is the quality of the wine in the Czech republic many times better and they are in South Moravia, very proud of. The wine flows lavishly in september. Then, the wine festivals take place in almost every village.

Tip: Bike one of the many Moravian wine trails and step of the way every now and then for a glass of wine. The largest wine festival in the charming town of Mikulov.

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