Seven practical things to keep in mind when you get sick on vacation

The ANWB Emergency centre received last year, hundreds of thousands of phone calls to sick or injured travelers in the netherlands. What should you look for when you are on a trip in the out of competition end up? The seven tips below.
1. Before the trip: Immerse yourself in the your health, think about a travel insurance.

Looking for before leaving from any costs incurred in the event of an emergency, will be covered. “Your basic health insurance will reimburse you for the overseas care is the only thing that in the uk it would cost,” explains Marguerite Bonnet, a doctor of the Dutch automobile association ANWB Emergency centre, off. “However, if you are in an expensive private clinic is routed to the city two or three times as much, you need to make that difference for himself.” However, if you have a supplemental insurance, then that is usually a part of the extra cost.

Travel insurance is there for all randzaken’ in case of medical problems abroad, repatriation, or accommodation costs if you have a child due to chicken pox a week and not be able to fly. Just make sure your travel insurance is valid for the part of the world you are visiting and if there are any activities you wish to do so.

2. Go not left on their own to find a suitable doctor or clinic

Whisk together rather than in a clinic (unless it’s a huge rush of course), but to turn for help to a trusted health care provider to find out. The hat is: “On almost every hotel room you will find an information book where the doctors are mentioned, or just ask for it at the front desk.” If you don’t help, you can also use an alarm system to your health or travel insurance, call us for advice.

3. Not a matter of urgency? You have to consider prior to your treatment

In the case of emergencies, you must, of course, is always medical help, but insurers are reluctant to pay for foreign treatments, which also can take place. “If you’re at home, all treatment for back pain, may be in even worse and sets up a local medical doctor for you to be able to operate. Go then we went back to the Netherlands and you will still be able to stay with them.

4. Do you speak the language? In the hospital, to the services of an interpreter

Google Translate is not enough relief in a country where you don’t understand? “In many tourist areas, a lot of hospitals in the English or Dutch translation, or a tolkentelefoon.” Demand is there, so it has to go.

The most common health problems on holiday

  • Abdominal discomfort: such as gastroenteritis, but can also be an appendicitis, it falls in this category
  • Infections, such as pneumonia, chicken pox, dierenbeten, or dengue fever (dengue fever)
  • Bone fractures: for example, in a glijpartij in the pool, a fall from the caravantrap, or in a car accident
  • Scrapes and cuts: for example, the result of a fall from a motor scooter, or when a person is at a walk-in glass step
  • Respiratory problems such as strep throat or an ear infection, the latter, for example, dirty swimming pool water

5. Line is a Fit to fly certificate

If you are on a holiday very, very, very sick, to rule over what is called a ‘Fit to fly’ certificate before you leave the house. Hat: “to ask questions of insurers’ access to, and the airlines as well. Who would not, for example, passengers with infectious diseases. If your child has had chicken pox, and there are still scars from it, want the airline to know for sure is that it’s not contagious.”

6. An ear infection or a stomach flu? Don’t fly until it’s all over

“An aircraft cabin, 12 miles to the height of an atmospheric pressure, such as a 2-kilometer altitude,” explained five-minute drive away from it. “The air is right out, too, that in your middle ear. If the air cannot escape because you are on one side of your ear drum, and on the other side of an obstruction, it can cause damage to your ear and deliver.”

Even with the stomach flu, you may not be able to fly. Not only because you have to escape and can spread, but also because it is the same luchtdrukscenario can take place in your body. But for those who still have the shower running, and would probably not like to fly.

7. Will let you when you return home to check for the bacterium

If you’re in a foreign hospital you have visited, you will need to go back to the Netherlands to be tested in the ‘hospital bug’ MRSA. That may be in the case of healthy people are not evil, but it is very risky for people who are ill. Station: “We have to try and make this a bacterium in the Netherlands is, therefore, out of the hospital and to keep it. At the moment you need care, or in the future to make sure you will need, and then to test doctors on the bacterium and then treat them if necessary.” Your family doctor can give you a new one.

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