Seth Rogen slammed for putting child player in blackface and a fat suit to fit movie star

Seth Rogen has been criticized for having a child actor on the set of his new movie in blackface and a fat suit to match with the film’s star, Keith L. Williams.


Seth Rogen has been criticised after pictures showed an African-American child actor skin is darkened on the set of the star of the new movie.

While on the set of Rogen’s “Good Guys”, a story that follows a 12-year-old boy who skips school and gets into trouble all the while trying to repair a broken toy, a child stand-in actor for the film star, Keith L. Williams, had dark makeup applied to his skin so that he could look more like the movie star, according to the Daily Mail.

The outlet also reported that the actor, who is lighter and a little slimmer than Williams, also had to don a fat suit and an afro-style wig next to his dark make-up to match William the complete look.

Actor Keith L. Williams, the star of Rogen’s new film “Good Boys” had a stand-in, whose skin was darkened to look more like him for the film.


And while the sources on the Good Universe and studio told TMZ that it was “not uncommon for lighting purposes to adjust actors’ skin tones,” there was an on-set witness who did not agree, and filed a complaint.

The studio sources reportedly stated that the child actor’s father, who had been a stuntman in the business for a while, was on the set and was not offended by the make up of his son.

But rapper and “Fast and Furious” actor Common called the studio’s actions inappropriate.

Rapper and actor Common spoke to Rogen and his studio for the blackface incident.


The actor said that it is “never good” to darken someone’s face and suggested that the filmmakers, Rogen included, should have opted for a stand-in, who matched Williams from the start.

“Even try to paint someone darker to fit someone else, I mean, what sense does that make?” Common told TMZ reporters after he was asked about the incident. “I’m not.”

He added, “the Painting of someone darker? Come on, man, it’s 2018. When is that ever acceptable. If I was a black person on set, I’m offended. And even honestly, I think that a white person should be able to step up and say: this is not the case – need to feel uncomfortable. There should be white and black people stand for when you see that some bulls— going on.”

“Room” will star Jacob Tremblay also stars along side Williams in the upcoming comedy.


According to the Daily Mail, Rogen and his other producer Evan Goldberg, who have received the complaint and are in the process of the approach.

“Good Boys” also stars “the Room” actor Jacob Tremblay and the building to the cinemas to see in 2019.

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