Seth Rogen is embarrassed for sekstweet of his mother

Seth Rogen is embarrassed for sekstweet of his mother

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Comedian Seth Rogen on Twitter violently responded to a tweet about sex from his mother, Sandy Rogen.

Rogen shared Wednesday, a tweet from his mother, that her mind had let go about relaxing moments in her life. “Falling asleep after sex is like the Savasana pose after yoga,” said Sandy Rogen.

In no uncertain terms let the comedian her know that that is a very intimate fantasy was to be on social media sharing. Mother Rogen did, however, not so easy the lesson read. “It’s just a observation of life”, she left her son teasing know. Rogen didn’t know what else to say than “Whatever.”.

Jesus fucking Christ mom.


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18:08 – 05, 2017

Peanut butter

Rogen and his mother tease each other more often on Twitter. Last year, the comedian after a tweet from his mother about peanut butter: “give me a billion, I would not know what they are talking about,” to which his mother replied: “If your phone once to record, you would know.”

Another actor took the message of Sandy Wednesday, however, quite funny. Russell Crowe shared her ‘sekstweet’. “The mother of Seth Rogen is great,” wrote the Gladiator star.

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