Setback for ‘patenttrollen’ by ruling, supreme court USA

Setback for ‘patenttrollen’ by ruling, supreme court USA

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It is in the USA more difficult to appearances on television, to commence in districts that are seen as ‘beneficial’ for the prosecution.

The Us supreme court, certain Monday that companies can only be sued in the state where they are formally established, reports the Wall Street Journal.

For technology companies this will mean that they are mainly in the states of California or Delaware can be sued for patentschending. That is a setback for so-called patenttrollen, companies that do not make products, but to earn income from licensing and litigation around patents.

They complain that businesses often in districts that are seen as beneficial to plaintiffs, because the court often determines that there was indeed patentschending. In recent years, is 30 percent of all patentzaken fought in one district in east Texas. According to data of the company Unified Patents is, in many cases, to lawsuits by patenttrollen.


The supreme court ruling came in a case where no patenttrol was involved. The case was brought by the multinational Kraft, Heinz, against the company TC Heartland, that sweeteners for drinks. TC Heartland won, making the patentzaak now in home state of Indiana must be conducted.

The ruling may also ensure that patentzaken less likely to be treated. The specialised court in Texas handles things relatively quickly, while in other courts, more delays can occur.

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