Set of correct diagnosis in young persons with dementia takes 4.4 years

Set of correct diagnosis in young persons with dementia takes 4.4 years

Because symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are difficult to distinguish and few doctors are familiar with the disease in young people, it takes on average 4.4 years before them, the correct diagnosis is made.

According to stichting Alzheimer Nederland in the Netherlands, about 12,000 people a form of dementia at a young age. These people, who often have work and an active family life, are often a long time in uncertainty about what is going on.

In young people symptoms such as karakterveranderingen, memory problems and a “non-fluff” feeling is often not recognised as dementia. In 45% of the cases the wrong diagnosis.

According to Marco Blom, interim director Alzheimer Nederland, think general practitioners are often the first to depression, stress or relationship problems. “That is logical because the symptoms also have similarities. But sometimes there is more to the story. If the diagnosis is dementia eventually is asked, can this clarity and sometimes even relief. The recognition that there is indeed something seriously wrong,” says Blom.


Dementia is a collective name for over fifty diseases, of which Alzheimer’s disease is the best known. Also with younger people with dementia is Alzheimer’s disease the most common form.

The still relatively unknown form Frontotemporale Dementia (FTD) is also common in people younger than 65 years. In this condition, it is not so much the memory problems that occur, but mainly changes in the behavior.

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