‘Sessions discussed the campaign Trump with Russian ambassador’

‘Sessions discussed the campaign Trump with Russian ambassador’

Photo: AFP

The American minister of Justice, Jeff Sessions, has indeed issues around the campaign of Donald Trump discussed with Sergey Kisljak, the Russian ambassador in the United States.

American intelligence agencies have conversations overheard from the Russian ambassador in which he says compared to his superiors in Moscow.

That claim to be a former and a current American official against the Washington Post, that Friday, the news brought out. According to Kisljak have he and Sessions policy issues discussed that are important for Moscow, it would appear from the pictures.

The conversations between them had taken place in the run-up to the elections of november 2016. The current minister of Justice at that time, was an important adviser to Trump.

That there are contacts between Kisljak and Sessions was already known. Sessions claimed, however, that the campaign never came. The interviews he conducted were always in his role as a senator, was his statement.


According to one of the officers, the statements of the minister, however, “misleading” and are “contradicted by other evidence”. The other source says that the information indicating that Sessions and Kisljak “substantial” discussions carried over Trumps take on Russia-related matters.

Trump served Sessions recently in an interview with the newspaper the New York Times. Therein, said Trump that he never would have appointed if he had known that they did not wish to interfere with the investigation of Russian interference in the election. Sessions decided in march to keep aloof, to any semblance of partiality to avoid.

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