Sessions blames the critics to compare the border situation to Nazi Germany: “Basically, we are the enforcement of the law’

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Sessions defended zero-tolerance immigration policy

Attorney General to discuss the Ingraham angle ‘to the border controversy. Sessions also addresses subpoenaed documents.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions sharply rebuked critics who say the fault of the trump management for the separation of illegal immigrant families on the border, that the Obama administration, the policy is partially to blame.

Speaking of Fox News’ “The Ingraham angle,” on Monday night meetings, said to have been made of illegal immigrants taking advantage of the United States

“We have observed what happened with the Obama policy, and over the years, we went from 15,000 illegal entries to 75,000 — this is a huge gap in our system, attracts more and more people, as more and more people understand that, in the context of the earlier rules, if you said to enter the country unlawfully, that nothing will happen,” sessions.

The attorney General denied that children are abused and / or kept in inhumane conditions, said that the Department of health and Human Services has spent about a billion dollars last year on children caught take care to cross the border.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, said the Obama administration bears part of the responsibility for child-breakers on the border.


“We take care of these children; they will not be abused,” sessions added. “We had a large wave of families with children, or some adults bring to children.”

In response to critics, the detention center to Nazi Germany, sessions said, in comparison, immigrant: “we need rational and thoughtful” about the situation.

“In Nazi Germany they were Jews consider leaving the country,” sessions said, drawing a contrast, was criticized, on Twitter as tone-deaf.

Asked, whether the children be separated from each other, as part of a deliberate policy of deterrence to prevent illegal immigration, sessions suggested that fewer border crossings, a positive result of the administration of zero-tolerance attitude.

“Basically, we’re enforcing the law,” sessions said. “Hopefully, people will get the message … and not break across the border illegally.”

Meetings had been announced, the possible deterrent effect of the separation of the children in the announcement of the administration of the new zero-tolerance policy,” say adults should not be for children over the border of Mexico.

To produce complaints by top house GOP members, have the DOJ and FBI to slow documents to the political bias in their investigations, the sessions also said that “we have a responsibility to respond, to react to the Congress”, and swore to their subpoenas.


Earlier Monday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, announced, thought of a plan to create a comprehensive “emergency laws,” in the end, unnecessary separations from illegal immigrant children from their parents.

The bill, in response to President Trump call to Congress to solve the situation, it would double the number of immigration judges, 750, and mandate that illegal immigrant families are kept together, unless it was “serious crime” or being a danger to children, according to Cruz’s office.

Cruz bill would also permit new emergency shelter for immigrant families, and provide for accelerated resolution of asylum applications within 14 days.

On Monday, all 49 Senate Democrats announced their support for the keep families together Act. Bill has a different, higher standard for the separation of children on the border, and calls for an accountability report on the asylum claims.

It does not contain a correspondence to Cruz provisions to speed up the asylum application process or the posting of additional judges.


Under current law, can be separated from the adults of their families, once a criminal case may be initiated against you.

The Trump administration, the new “zero-tolerance” policy led to an increase in these charges.

But the administration has always stressed that the so-called Flores consent decree — crafted during former President Bill Clinton’s administration-is what it is to hold parents and children forbids together during this persecution by the limit on how long children can remain in state custody.

Gregg Re is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @gregg_re.

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