Session extradite WikiLeaks founder Assange postponed

A British court Thursday to discuss an American request for extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, but the hearing was postponed to 12 June. Assange is, according to his lawyer “too sick” to the court via a video link from the prison to speak to.

Klokkenluidersorganisatie WikiLeaks attracted previously to the call because of the health status of its founder. Assange currently resides in the infirmary of the London prison Belmarsh, where he is stuck awaiting possible deportation to Sweden or the United States.

According to WikiLeaks, is Assange in the seven weeks that he is now in jail, lost a lot of weight. His health, already not great, it would be further back are gone.

The US wants the Australian prosecution for espionage. Via WikiLeaks licked hundreds of thousands of documents about the American warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lawyer wanted a postponement of hearing in Sweden

The lawyer of Assange, had prompted a hearing in a Swedish court deferred could be, but this request is Wednesday rejected. Sweden investigates Assanges possible involvement in the two rapes in 2010.

Assange went in 2012 to the Ecuadorian embassy in London, shortly after he is in the Uk on bail was released. The release was related to the Swedish verkrachtingszaak.

Warrant of arrest was withdrawn

Two years ago, was the arrest warrant issued by Sweden repealed. The case was earlier this month re-opened, after Assange was arrested in the embassy.

The Australian has the allegations always denied. He says that the women have consented to sex and claims that Sweden, the federal court used as an excuse for him to deliver to the United States.


Julian Assange: Journalist, hero or criminal hacker?


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