Sesame street-the actress ‘grandmother,’ Mrs. Sleyp (88) passed away

While Sleyp, which is best known as a grandmother to all three of sesame street fame, at the age of 88, has died. Just one day after the fiftieth anniversary of the educational children’s program is VRT’s OFFICIAL, with the news of the death of a Flemish actress.

The film had been longer with serious health problems. The cause of death or the exact date of his death has not been announced.

Sleyp has played since 1982), the role of Paula in the Dutch version of the children’s television series. Also, she played the role of a French baroness, who is the scenes shared by Mr Aart (Aart Staartjes). In 2010, she retired due to health problems with the act.

“We have so many wonderful memories of Paula.”, says a spokesman for the SELF, which is the Dutch version of sesame street produced, to “we had A very warm woman with a great sense of humor. She could see the whole floor and let it roar with laughter. But, let’s not forget that she is also a very good actress and it was.”


Check out a clip of the Band in a very interesting

The actress has played, especially in the Flemish series

In the mid-sixties and played Sleyp roddeltante Mark in the Flemish series Captain Zeppos. The born Belgian is currently playing in the nineties, Aunty Jos, the Flemish-series Wittekerke. Sleyp also played guest roles in, among other things, the series is in the Home, and Witse.

The actress was married to Bob Dillen, who is an actor, director, and technical director of the Royal youth Theatre in Antwerp was. He passed away in 2001.

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