Serious security flaw in WhatsApp was eavesdropping on smartphones as well

A serious vulnerability in WhatsApp for both iOS and Android made it possible that smartphones could be monitored without requiring that the user was aware of. The company, which is part of Facebook, there was the beginning of may behind that are chatapp had a vulnerability, reports the Financial Times.

WhatsApp recommends all users to the app as soon as possible to update, in response, told Reuters.

The installation of the spyware on the smartphone of the user system through a vulnerability in the call function on WhatsApp. The rogue software would run on smartphones be installed by that person via WhatsApp, call, even if the person the call will not be accepted.

According to the Financial Times, the spyware developed by NSO Group, an Israeli company that specializes in spyware and sells it to governments. The newspaper bases this on, among others, an anonymous trader in the so-called spyware.

‘Vulnerability used against human rights lawyer’

The vulnerability would be used against one in Great Britain active human rights lawyer with the Mexican journalists and Saudi Arabian dissidents works. The products of the NSO are more often associated with abuse by the governments of Mexico and Saudi Arabia, among others, around the murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The official policy of the Israeli company that the spyware is not against journalists, activists, or lawyers may be used, but only used can be in the fight against terrorism and other crime.

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NSO is investigating the case

WhatsApp let the Financial Times know that the company announced today an update available for the vulnerability. NSO let the newspaper know that the potential abuse examines.

The American investment company Francisco ners has had since 2014 a majority stake in NSO. The Israeli company announced in march known to share this is about to take over, leaving the company fully in own management.

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