Sergio Herman launches own tonic

Fruity and fresh, full of flavour and delicious in a cocktail or a long drink. Sergio Herman launched today along with the founders of Fever-Tree his own tonic.

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“I want to be like a tonic to develop, absolutely according to my taste.” Thus begins the story of Sergio Herman and Fever-Tree, at the table during the opening of Sergio’s restaurant ‘The Jane’, now two years ago. Charles Rolls & Tim Warillow, the British founders of the tonicmerk Fever-Tree, were immediately won over to the idea and started with a box of herbs that they received from Sergio Herman. Not much later, they invite Sergio Herman in the Chelsea botanical garden in London where a fever tree, the source of quinine, is.

For the encounter brought Sergio Herman some inspiration from Ibiza, and after months of experiments, tests and trials, there still remained a favorite over: a tonic on the basis of fresh clementines and spicy cinnamon.

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Sergio: “Good food and drinking associate I am often on holiday, a period of relaxing with friends or family. For the determination of the smakenpallet of my tonic, I refer to the experience, the tastes and smells of my favorite holiday destination. This tonic water lends itself perfectly for a refreshing cocktail on the pier on a deserted pebble beach where the sun sets in the sea and a sky that beautiful orange color. Enjoy, that’s it.”Perfect in a refreshing cocktail

The tonic has a soft, round taste, slightly sweeter taste due to the clementines. The subtle touch of cinnamon makes for a fine spicy key. The tonic is perfect for example, in cocktails or long drinks with gin or vodka but also pure tastes perfectly.

Sergio developed two cocktails with the tonic, served in The Jane and who knows but also at your home, for he gives the recipes away:

Cinnamon Satisfaction:

  • Fill a large wine glass with large blocks of ice.
  • Pour 20 ml of fresh juice and 45 ml of vodka.
  • Complete with a chilled bottles of Fever-Tree, Clementine & Cinnamon Tonic Water by Sergio Herman.
  • Finish with a cinnamon stick and some leaves of lemon verbena.

Clementine & Basil Love:

  • Create a young root clean and use a fijnschiller to fine shells root.
  • Take a large wine glass and place a few shells root in before the glass fill with large blocks of ice.
  • Add 10 ml freshly squeezed lime juice.
  • Add 45 ml dry gin.
  • Complete with a chilled bottle of Fever-Tree, Clementine & Cinnamon Tonic Water by Sergio Herman.
  • Garnish the glass with the basil leaves and finish with a zest of orange.

The Fever-Tree Tonic Clementines & Cinnamon by Sergio Herman is from July, exclusive to purchase through the webshop this fall you can find him at the drankenhandelaar and in the supermarkets, Delhaize, Colruyt and Carrefour, and of course in different bars and restaurants.

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