Sept. 12 primary results: Rhode Island

Supporters of the incumbent Democratic U.S. state of Rhode Island Gov., Gina Raimondo cheer, when they see the results on TV at their primary night party.


The voters in Rhode Island on Wednesday selected candidates for the U.S. Senate, U.S. House, lieutenant Governor, and other officers in a rare Wednesday vote before the November midterm elections. About 145,000 people cast ballots, or almost 20 percent of voters, according to the state Board of elections.

Rhode Island

Gubernatorial primary results:

The established Democratic Rhode Island Gov., Gina Raimondo won her party’s nomination for a second term in office in Wednesday’s primary, earning 57.2 percent of the vote. Raimondo parried a challenge from the left-hand side, the former Secretary of state Matt Brown.

FILE: the Established Democratic Rhode Island Gov., Gina Raimondo waves with trailers on the side of her son, Thompson, the of your PV-night victory party.


The democratic candidate has.the case for a second term by highlighting the state, the improvement of the economy, low unemployment, and new job training programs and free community college tuition during their term of office

Cranston mayor Allan Fung earned the Republican nomination for another shot at the gubernatorial seat in November, earning 56.4 percent of the vote. During the race, Fung, some of the interviews, held no press conferences and spoke little about his views. He agreed to a single debate on a small radio station.

GOP Primary – Allan Fung votes: 18,469 votes percentage: 56.4% to

The Primary Gina Raimondo Votes: 66,648 Votes Percentage: 57.2%

FILE: Cranston, R. I., mayor Allan Fung, center, celebrates his victory over R. I. house Minority Leader Patricia Morgan in the Republican gubernatorial primary.


The U.S. Senate primary results:

U.S. sen Sheldon Whitehouse (Dr. I.) is easily the nomination won 76.8 percent of the vote. Whitehouse is one of the leading it in the Senate for the fight against climate change. He was also protecting critical of President Donald Trump on a number of issues, including push, special counsel Robert Müller Russia investigation.

Former Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders secured the GOP nomination, with 87.7 percent of the votes. Flanders retired from the high court in the year 2004.

GOP-Primary – Robert Flanders votes: 26,262 votes percentage: 87.7%

The Primary – Sheldon Whitehouse Votes: 88,145 Votes Percentage: 76.8%

Lieutenant Governor

Incumbent Democrat Daniel McKee just progressive state legislator Aaron Regunberg, beat self-proclaimed 51.1 percent of the vote to earn. The position of only a few official duties, but the office-holders have used it as a way to advance certain issues on a country-wide level.

McKee sat on its experience as the incumbent and a former six-term mayor.

GOP Primary – Paul Pence Undisputed

The Primary – Daniel McKee Votes: 57,343 Votes Percentage: 51.1%

The US house of representatives

U.S. REP David Cicilline easily secured victory in the Democratic primary, with 78.0 percent of the vote. Cicilline, who is the former mayor of Providence, is seeking his fifth term in Congress. He represents the 1. Constituency, for the easternmost part of the state. Cicilline face GOP candidate Patrick Donovan in November.

U.S. REP James Langevin and his Republican opponent, Salvatore Caiozzo sailed unopposed through their primary bid. Langevin is to represent the search for a 10-year maturity, 2. Constituency in Western Rhode Island. Both candidates were uncontested. Caiozzo is a businessman who previously ran for the seat in 2016 as an independent, finishing last.

District 1: The Primary, David Cicilline Votes: 47,206 Votes Percentage: 78.0%

GOP Primary – Patrick Donovan vote: 7,787 vote percentage: 78.4%

District 2: The Primary – Jim Langevin Undisputed

GOP Primary – Salvatore Caiozzo Undisputed

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Bradford Betz is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @bradford_betz.

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