Separatists in to occupy the presidential palace in Yemen, a coalition that Wise

Southern Yemeni separatists and come on Saturday to the presidential palace in the port city of Aden was occupied, and the place where the internationally-recognized government in place. The international coalition against terrorism, under the leadership of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Sunday seven points in Aden was bombed.

The Yemeni ministry of Foreign Affairs, referred to this as a coup d’etat. President Abd-Rabbu Mansour would be present in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, located in the country in which the government has close ties.

The separatists took over the Saturday in addition to the palace, all the military camps in the southern city of. This danger, according to experts, a civil war within the current war. The Yemeni government believes that the United Arab Emirates with the support of the couppoging.

The southern separatists, who have joined together in the Southern Transitional Council (STC) to be endorsed by the United states of america. They are collaborating with the government of Hadi, a part of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led international coalition against terrorism, which for the past four years of fighting the Iran-affiliated to Houthi rebels.

The rebels have been to the north-west of Yemen is mostly in the hands, including the capital, sana’a.

Cease-fire was soon violated

The international coalition against terrorism on Sunday, the Yemeni government for help, shot up by seven points in Aden to the bombing. Rather, it was a declaration of a cease-fire between the warring groups agreed to meet. The separatists did not return to the palace, and of the position of the military camps.

It was, however, one of the conditions of the cease-fire agreement. Therefore, it was decided that the coalition is about to go up to the bombing. “This is the first step, and there are more and more if our demands are not being met,” said a spokesman for the coalition.

Since Wednesday, the conflict between the STC and the government

In the beginning of August, Houthi rebels, a drone attack is carried out at a military parade in Aden, where at least 32 people were killed. Most of the deaths were of military men and women. According to sources, it is also a Southern Yemeni town of separatistenleider lost their lives.

Since Wednesday, the troops of the STC into a fight with the government, because they believe that one of Hadi’s affiliates is a party would have anything to do with the attack.

The STC wants to be in the south of Yemen once again to separate yourself from the rest of the country. The south of Yemen as it was in 1990-an independent state.

The war in the Yemen, is a four-year

In the civil war with the Saudi coalition-backed Yemeni government and the Houthi rebels have been tens of thousands of civilian casualties, as required. The battles take a while for the past four years.

Because of the famine, as a result of the war, the United Nations is more of a humanitarian disaster. With more than 24 million people are dependent on emergency aid, half of which is completely dependent on food aid.


Why is the war in Yemen for the past four years


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