Senators to know about UFO ‘ s, such as the speculation surrounding Marine grow-sightings: report

nearvideo Navy pilot’s report of spotting a UFO over the East coast

Pilots start to share UFO encounter; reaction of senior writer Michael wall.

The Ministry of defence informed, allegedly, Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman Mark Warner, D-Va., to inform on Wednesday, along with two other senators, who seemed to be as a part of what increased the efforts politicians about Marine encounters with unidentified aircraft.

Warner spokesman stated, to explore that the senator was looking for, security concerns around “unexplained disorders” Navy pilots faced, according to Politico. The outlet reported the briefing is sought were, as the news surfaced that the Navy revised its procedures for staff to identify the reporting of unusual aircraft itself.

As part of a program, the question is, Navy personnel are investigating reports that the Pentagon said officials, that they found the plane, which appeared to defy the laws of physics and aerodynamics, while in the military air space.

Navy strike group pilots reported seeing strange objects flying over 30,000 feet at supersonic speed, accelerates, without any visible engine, or an infrared exhaust gases, according to the New York Times.


Since the program began, military officials have reportedly informed President Trump and other information of government bodies on the the. If Trump is the instruction confirmed in an interview published on Saturday that he doubted that navy personnel actually saw “UFOs.”

“I had a very brief meeting on it. But people say they see UFOs. Can I believe that? Not particularly,” he said.


Asked whether he knew if it is I think evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life, Trump said: “our great pilots would know. And some of them see things a little differently from the past. We are to look, and you’ll be the first to know.”

Christopher Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for intelligence, said that the US did not know that UFOs exist. “We know that UFOs exist. This is no longer an issue,” he said. “The question is, why are you here? Where do they come from and what is the technology behind these devices, we observe?”

UFOS ARE REAL, BUT don’T ASSUME THEY ARE alien space ships

While the Navy comment on Wednesday, said it previously Politically in April, the officials informed on reported security risks.

“In response to requests for information from members of Congress and staff, naval officers, a series of briefings, said a senior Navy intelligence officials as well as pilots, the reported risks for flight safety,” she said.


Former Senate majority Leader Harry Reid, asked the Pentagon’s program examines the question, pushed, in a June interview, for the Congress to know more about the topic.

“You would be surprised at how the American public would accept it,” he said, referring to the military.


Reid, who was able to issue $22 million in funding for the research of military sightings of UFOs, said that his office produced a wealth of reports on the topic. “The money was the development of the page after page of “information,” he added. “Where people in the past had seen things, and not one person, but hundreds of people as a result of that, there are a lot of activities, since the.”

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