Senator calls for Susan Rice’s inauguration day by E-Mail to Russia ‘interfering’

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Susan Rice faces questions from senators on “unusual” E-Mail

FOX News senior judicial analyst judge Andrew Napolitano discussed Sens. Chuck Grassley, and Lindsey Graham questioning the former national security Advisor, Susan Rice, about her “unusual” E-Mail to President Obama for a meeting to discuss how the law enforcement authorities of Russian interference in the election of 2016.

Republican sen. Lindsey Graham described as “disturbing” a newly revealed to inauguration day by E-Mail from Susan Rice, the detailed, former President Barack Obama the lead in a high-level meeting about how the law enforcement authorities of Russian interference in the election of 2016 should investigate.

The E-Mail and then Monday showed up when the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Graham, R-S. C., sent the Obama security adviser a letter, press to reply via E-Mail next week.

“You send yourself an E-Mail talking about a conversation on Jan. 5 with the President, think calming, and I, the President, that this be done by the book,” Graham said Monday evening on Fox News’ “The story with Martha MacCallum.” “I think that is strange and worrying, because we know that the investigation regarding the trump campaign was anything other than the book.”

While an attorney for Rice said, there is nothing unusual about the note, White House spokesman Raj Shah said “Fox & Friends” E-Mail “raises a lot of questions.”

The former National security adviser, Susan Rice by E-Mail on Jan. 20, 2017, before Donald Trump was sworn into office, describes how to play a meeting with President Obama directed officials to “by the book” the Russia probe.


Rice E-Mail that you sent on Jan. 20, 2017, seemed to be documented. Jan. 5 meeting in the Oval Office with Obama, then – Vice President Joe Biden, the former FBI Director, James Comey, then Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and himself.

“President Obama began the conversation by emphasizing his continuing commitment to ensure that every aspect of the intelligence and law enforcement communities,” wrote of this Problem is treated by the book,'” Rice. “The President stressed that he would not ask, to initiate or instruct anything from a law enforcement perspective. He reiterated that our laws need enforcement team to go, as it is usually by the book.”

Rice also wrote that Obama said: “he wants to be sure that, as we have with the incoming team, we are aware of, in order to determine whether there is any reason that we can not share information completely, in the case of Russia.”

She added: “The President asked Comey to inform him if anything changes in the next few weeks, should affect how we share classified information with the incoming team. Comey said he would.”

Graham starring rice the E-Mail as a “self-serving” to ask whether Comey, at the time of the meeting, informed the President about the source of the now-infamous anti-Trump dossier, led to a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant of arrest against the former trump campaign consultant Carter page.


Sen. Graham details “odd” Susan Rice E-Mail on Russia probe

“Do you think that Comey mentioned the President, that is the main source of information about FISA-warrant came on the Carter Page of a paid operative of the Democratic party, Mr. [Christoph] Steele, who was on the payroll of the Fusion of the GPS, was paid for by the Clinton campaign, the democratic party, and that the dossier came from Russian sources, has been very unreliable and not yet reviewed?” Graham asked, on Monday night.

Graham also said, to play the in the direction of “by the book” was “to say a strange thing” for the President, in the last month of the administration.


However, rice’s attorney, Kathryn Ruemmler said, there is nothing “unusual” “rice” memorializing “is an important discussion for the record.”

“The Obama White house was right to be concerned, how comprehensive they should be, in your briefings in relation to Russia, members of the trump transition team, especially Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, in the light of the above, the communication between him and Russian officials,” Ruemmler said in a statement to Fox News. “The discussion, Ambassador rice documented, with the so-called Steele dossier.”

Ruemmler added: “Any suggestion that Ambassador rice’s actions in this matter were inappropriate is another attempt to divert and distract, from the meaning of the ongoing investigations of the Russian interference in America’s democracy.”

The origins of the Russian interference probe come under increasing scrutiny on Capitol Hill, where Republicans are on the search, such as the unaudited Steele dossier was used as a monitoring warrant.

Graham wondered what Obama and Rice know about the FISA warrant application.

“What I’m worried about is that this is an attempt by the President [Obama] basically, on the plate by Susan Rice, and made sure that from his point of view, everything was done by the book,” Graham said.

According to the published E-Mail Jan. 5 meeting, a briefing by the secret services on the Russian hackers in the election of 2016. Grassley and Graham said that the meeting included a discussion of the documents.

But, said a source familiar with the meeting, it had nothing to do with Steele or the dossier. This person said it focused on was solely whether the intelligence services and the FBI had to be careful about what Russia talks they had with the trump-transition-team.

Brooke Singman is a political Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter at @Brooke FoxNews.

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