Senate US start hearing as a result of incidents with Boeing

The U.s. Senate is going to be on march 27, a hearing on aviation safety. This happens after two fatal aircraft accidents with Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, which in recent months have taken place.

Later there will be a second hearing to take place with Boeing and other manufacturers, say government officials.

The hearing on federal supervision of the commercial aviation industry by the senate committee on aviation, among others, with Dan Elwell of the American aviation authority FAA, chairman Robert Sumwalt of the national transportveiligheidsraad and inspector general Calvin Scovel of the U.s. department of Transportation.

Federal prosecutors are investigating the certification of the Boeing 737 MAX by the American aviation authority. The unit must as a result of the accident with a unit of Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines tentatively to the ground, for example, in the same aviation authority after investigation.

The American intelligence agency FBI has joined the criminal investigation to the certification of the 737 MAX, reports The Seattle Times. The service will work with the U.s. department of Transportation to examine how the FAA certification of the aircraft is established.

The decision for the unit to defend, was already taken by several countries in Asia, such as Singapore, Indonesia and China. Not much later followed by several European countries, such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Eventually, it was decided that the device in the EU as a whole, are not more welcome, because of doubts about the so-called airworthiness.

Similarities between the crash in Indonesia and Ethiopia

The accident in Indonesia with a 737 MAX in October last year and 189 people killed, shows similarities with the crash of Ethiopian Airlines on march 10. In that plane crash were all 157 passengers life.

The similarities between the crashes appeared, data from the black boxes of the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft which has now been analysed in France. Researchers would speak of “clear similarities” with the crash of Lion Air.

Boeing is working on a software update

As a result of the accident Boeing airlines themselves also advised to the apparatus preliminary to the ground. The company is currently working on a software update for all 737 MAX aircraft. It is expected that that update at the end of march rolled out.

However, it may take several months before all devices a update have had.


Why there is doubt about the Boeing 737 MAX 8

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