Senate US agree to debate on repealing Obamacare

Senate US agree to debate on repealing Obamacare

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The U.s. Senate has Tuesday approved a motion calling for a debate on the abolition of the health system, Obamacare. Fifty Republican senators and vice-president Mike Pence voted for.

Two of the 52 Republican senators voted against it, as well as all of the 48 Democrats. The voice of vice-president, Pence was in the end decisive.

The vote means a first step in the possible elimination or replacement of parts of Obamacare.

The abolition of Obamacare was one of the hard election of president Donald Trump. But two attempts at a new social services, the so-called Trumpcare by the Senate, stranded by the failure of a majority.

The Republicans want all seven years that Obamacare will be repealed. According to the Republicans cost the plan of the previous president, Barack Obama, too much money and interfere the government too much with the insurance of Americans.


This has made Obamacare the US brought


If Obamacare disappears, however, is not yet clear what there for in the place and if there are alternatives a majority exists.

The starting point is to design social services that may by the House of Representatives was adopted. After the debate follows a series of votes on various amendments.

The version that the Senate ultimately adopts, it should again be submitted to the House of Afgevaardigen be submitted. Only then can a president Donald Trump may be the new law to sign.

Uninsured Americans

Obamacare made sure that tens of millions of uninsured Americans now have insurance. Trumpcare would undo this and also a lot of rich extra advantage.

According to the calculations of an independent government body would Trumpcare ensure that within a few years, tens of millions of Americans without health insurance.

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