Senate of Colombia in agreement with vredesdeal FARC

Senate of Colombia in agreement with vredesdeal FARC

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The Senate of Colombia is in agreement with the new vredesdeal that the government of the country has concluded with the rebel group FARC.

The agreement will soon be to Congress to be submitted before it can enter into force, writes the BBC Wednesday.

The population of Colombia in a referendum, a first peace agreement with the FARC rejected. Opponents, led by former president Alvaro Uribe, was that it was mild for the rebels.

According to president Juan Manuel Santos is the new deal stronger and the arguments of the opponents in it are included. Uribe, however, is that the warlords still much to be done.

Overview: 50 years of conflict, FARC and government of Colombia

The struggle between the Guerrilla movement FARC and the Colombian government takes more than fifty years.

The longest running conflict in Latin America, has claimed the lives of more than 220.000 people.

Since the emergence of the grouping, in 1964 , abducted the FARC people for ransom.

The movement received arms, training and financial assistance from Cuba.

According to estimates by the Colombian government, the FARC about seven thousand members.

On 24 August it was announced that the Colombian government and the guerrilla official to a peace agreement.

The Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos has the Nobel Peace prize won for his efforts for the peace agreement.

The agreement was October 2, in a referendum, however, rejected by a narrow majority of the Colombians.

On Thursday 24 november, the government and the FARC, the new peace agreement is signed.

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The most important change in the new agreement is that the rebels have all of their belongings to give way. With the money that is released will be victims of the civil war will be compensated.

The peace must be an end to the 52-year-long civil war that more than 260,000 people has claimed the lives of. The government and FARC have four years of negotiations in the Cuban capital Havana.

For the vote in the Senate was a minute of silence observed for the victims of the plane crash in Medellin Monday.

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