Senate GOP leader vows to prompt hearings Pompeo, CIA nominated reel

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Who is Mike Pompeo, the new Secretary of state?

A look at Mike Pompeo from Kansas representative and Director of the CIA, Secretary of state.

Senate Republican leader vows to move quickly to replace hearings for President trump nomination of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of state and Gina reel Pompeo as Director of the CIA.

Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, on Tuesday, both Trump praised the decisions and the Republicans has stated-controlled chamber to start the hearings in the coming weeks.

“I have confidence in Mike. He has the confidence of the career officers at the CIA deserves, and I’m sure he will be an excellent secretary of state,” the Kentucky Republican said.

“Gina reel has dedicated her professional life to the national security of the United States. … The President has an excellent choice and asks you to take on the responsibility of the head of the CIA.”

The nominations follow Trump’s Tuesday dismissal of Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, the officially from his post as the country’s top diplomat at the end of the month.

The hearing for Pompeo to be held, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Committee chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn., the hearing in April, says.

Sen., Richard Burr, Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, hearing on the implementation of the reel, said Tuesday that he would think of her nomination ” without delay.”

The North Carolina Republican also said that he personally reel knows and that they “lead to the right skills, experience and judgment of our nation’s most critical points”.

However, the reel, the CIA Deputy Director, is expected to be a challenging confirmation process as a Pompeo, a former Kansas GOP members of Congress, which passed the confirmation process in January of 2017, with the leadership of the CIA.

But Pompeo and reel, should get enough votes in their respective hearings, because the Republicans have the majority of the members.

However, you will need 60 “Yes” if the whole of the chamber casts a final vote, which means that you need the support of at least nine Senate Democrats. And it has been proposed, it is not supported, reel nomination, about her role in the CIA interrogation program.

“I voted against it, Mr. Pompeo nomination to be CIA Director, because he did not Express the torture of moral opposition, but wife did reel, much worse,” said Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill. “Not only that you can monitor directly, the torture of detainees, but you also have to help with a cover up to destroy the video evidence.”

And on Wednesday, the Kentucky GOP sen. Rand Paul, has for years been critical of U.S. intelligence-spying, he said, reflected Pompeo and reel nominations.

“One of the things that I admire from a President trump his opposition to the Iraq war is,” Paul is a Capitol Hill press conference, said. “I’m at a loss about the nomination of people who love the Iraq war so much. … For a regime change is not diplomatic. Someone needs to sign up for the diplomacy. Pompeo fits the role of the chief diplomats.”

Paul said he opposes reel, because they supported a CIA-enhanced interrogation method known as waterboarding.

“The idea that we say we are fine with the torture of a terrible message,” he said.

Virginia sen. Mark Warner, the top Democrats in the chamber of the intelligence Committee, on Tuesday, a measured approach to reel, a member of the Central Intelligence Agency in 1985, seemed to be, and if the Agency would have confirmed the first female Director.

“The members have a lot of questions,” he said. “You deserve to have answers to these questions.”

Senate majority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters on Tuesday, hours after Tillerson is fire announced that he has asked fellow Senate Democrats against the nominees.

However, he said, Pompeo, a West Point graduate, is itself hard questions about how he’ll deal with Russia, in the midst of congressional probes and special counsel Robert Mueller, the inquiry, whether the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, in cooperation with Russia.

Schumer, D-NY, said Tillerson was tough enough on Russia, which had Trump “interfered with our choice to tip the scales,” and that he wants to know, Pompeo, whether he should be tougher on Moscow.


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