Senate also vote against her plan for Obamacare replacement

Senate also vote against her plan for Obamacare replacement

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The U.s. senate has Friday morning voted against the so-called “skinny”,” a severely stripped-down version of the so-called Trump-care-plan. It was a last attempt by president Trump to his hated health care system Obamacare replaced.

Three Republicans and all Democrats voted against it. The “skinny “” was the Thursday in a few hours time by a group of Republicans made up.

Earlier this week, the Senate voted also against the abolition of Obamacare without a viable alternative was on the table.

The elimination of the social services of the former president Barack Obama, who by many Republicans as a far-reaching form of government intervention is seen, was one of the most important election of Trump. It was the third defeat in this area that Trump within a week in the Senate suffered.


This has made Obamacare the US brought

House of Representatives

The three Republican dissenting, that the “skinny “” content did not, had promised before to vote if the House of Representatives, the plan would torpedo. In the situation which would then arise, would the Senate and the House to be forced together a well-researched alternative to Obamacare, to develop. This has not happened because the Republicans don’t cooperate with the Democrats.

The three Republican senators trusted however, it is not that Paul Ryan, the Republican leader of the group in the House of Representatives, word would keep, and the “skinny “” to the trash would refer to.

Government intervention

The main substantive point of Trumpcare is that the obligation to have a health insurance will expire. In addition, the responsibility for the provision of zorgtoeslagen via the states to go for a walk, and not through the federal government.

If Obamacare is abolished, would the weak in the society here, according to the independent court of Congress the brunt of it.


Trump argued in recent weeks the pressure on wavering Republicans, including by a lunch for them to organize in the White House and during various speeches that Obamacare is “dead” and that it is “a curse for the country”.

The losses of the votes on Obamacare is extra painful for Trump because the Republicans in both the Senate and the House of Representatives with a majority.

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