Sen. McSally defended John Bolton on Iran, says US does not want war, ‘Stop playing politics’

nearvideo critics accuse Trump’s management of the Iran Stokes tensions

Armed Services Committee member Sen. Martha McSally discusses the tensions between Iran and the United States ‘history.’

U.S. Sen. Martha McSally on Wednesday those who have blasted, criticized the National security adviser, John Bolton, as a “war-monger” in the midst of rising tensions between the US and Iran.

“I think he is a realist. I know that John Bolton, and I know he will take care of the protection of Americans and their interests. I just don’t think this kind of wrangling is helpful right now,” McSally, an Arizona Republican, said in an appearance on The “history with Martha MacCallum.”


McSally encouraged their Senate colleagues to “get the secret information, to do on what we have.”

“Any situation where there are dangers, such as this, we present options for action to protect, America said,” McSally. “This is what we think now, and I, is that what the Americans want us to do. The stop playing politics with this and let us make sure that we have all options available to protect us and our troops and the Americans.”

Critics of Trump administration have suggested that the false information presented to the case for war, just as George W. Bush’s administration in 2002 with the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq. Bolton, who was Secretary of state for arms control and international security at the time, argued incorrectly at the time that Iraq tries to of leader Saddam Hussein was developing weapons of mass destruction.

At the root of the current conflict with Iran seems to be the trump card in the decision of a year ago, the United States pull out of the 2015 nuclear-powers deal between Iran and world, you, instead, on a sanctions campaign against Tehran. In response, Iran’s Supreme leader, a thinly veiled threat on Tuesday, saying not published, it would be difficult for the Islamic Republic to enrich uranium to weapons-grade levels.


McSally, an Air Force vet, on the threat that Iran poses to America, but made it clear that war should be avoided.

“Economically, we are now cranking up the sanctions, and we moved out of the Iran deal, which I supported, and our military presence, our honor, respect, options are available, as well as diplomatic measures to keep us safe,” McSally. “As someone who is already a war, which is something we certainly do not want. We want to be able to protect our interests. Iran has a very complex and militarized state, so we have to try and escalate de-you this with the help of the elements of the power we have, but also to protect ready Americans.”

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