Sen. Lindsey Graham rips Dems for the handling of Kavanaugh Prosecutor Ford

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Sen. Lindsey Graham on the allegation against Brett Kavanaugh

A key member of the Senate judiciary Committee weighs in on ” Fox News Sunday.’

Christine Ford, California professor accused the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault more than three decades, “” Democrats, “cheated,” Sen. Lindsey Graham on Fox News Sunday “said.”

Graham, R-S. C., a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also made clear that Republicans “are for switching the hearing through their counsel,” by determining to call witnesses, or the order in which to call the witnesses. If Ford, the lawyer, Graham said, “it is to be a hearing.”

The South Carolina Republican, specifically an apparent shot took sen Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who received Ford the allegations in a confidential letter to the in July a Northern California Congressman. Ford only made public last week after the news about the letter, its existence to Intercept — a leak of Republicans joined with Senate Democrats.

“I want to listen to Dr. Ford,” Graham said. “I’m sorry for you. I think they will be used here. If you really wanted to be anonymous, the person that brought this allegation to the public owes her an apology.”


He added: “I know what Dr. Ford is waiting for us with an anonymous letter. If you wanted to remain anonymous, those who have cheated you need to apologize.”

The criticism of imitation was praying last week by the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley wrote a letter to tell Feinstein, “I can’t emphasize enough how disappointed I am” in your dealings with the Ford claims.

“I’m sorry for you. I think she’s here.”

– Sen Lindsey Graham, R-S. C.

Ford asked s legal team last week to agree to the Senate judiciary Committee, certain terms and conditions before you for a possible interview. Under the terms and conditions: Only members of the Committee-no lawyers can question you; Kavanaugh may not should be in the space in time; and Kavanaugh in question, before he has the opportunity to hear Ford’s testimony.

But, Graham said, some of these proposals nonstarters, especially because Ford has already granted several extensions, a decision to testify to if.

“The Chairman [Chuck] Grassley has bent over backwards for this to happen,” Graham, host Chris Wallace said. “The offer will be Thursday at 10 am. They made the ten conditions by your lawyer. We have adopted six.

“We will not turn back, not to mention the other side, how many witnesses. There are two witnesses, Dr. Ford, Kavanaugh Judge, and we hire our own lawyer. … If you are not riding also continues to be one of the best of these two things, it is to be a hearing. To listen if you really want to hear you are in a small room with a lot of security, limited availability of the printing machine that you are treated fairly. But we’re not going to turn the hearing through their lawyers.”

Asked by Wallace if Republicans wanted to avoid in the outside lawyers just, the look with the all-male Republican contingent on the justice Committee asked Ford questions, Graham said there were other concerns in the game.

“We still have 11 politicians that have not done a test in over 20 years,” said Graham. “I thought it would be really smart to have someone to come, who knows what the hell they are doing, to ask the questions, to be respectful.”


Graham is also a passionate plea last week of the Hawaii Democratic Sen. Mazie Hirono, who said that men to “shut up and step up” in the Wake of the allegations against Kavanaugh.refused

“I’m not going to shut up, with all due respect,” Graham said. “If I were Sotomayor and Kagan voted, no one on the other side told me to keep my mouth shut.”

He added: “What should I do? Go ahead and ruin this guy’s life, not on the basis of an indictment-I don’t know when it happened, I know where it happened, and everyone said with the name in terms of being there, it didn’t happen. I’m just being honest. Unless there is something more, no, I’m not going to live to ruin judge Kavanuagh.”

Ford, in an interview with The Washington Post, said Kavanaugh, violently threw her on a bed and tried to remove her clothes for more than 35 years at a high school house party. Ford, trying said Kavanaugh, covered her mouth before they escaped, has not been granted, you can remember exactly when the alleged attack happened, who is involved in the ownership of the house, and therefore there was a meeting there.

She has also held said, your therapist is inaccurate, that the four boys were involved in the attack, instead of two.

Graham also responded to reports over the weekend that the Deputy attorney General Rod proposed by Rosenstein, wear a wire to take down ” President Trump — was a remark that a source has told in the room Fox News “sarcastic.”


“We need a special Council to look at this, Mr. [Michael] Horowitz, the IG [Inspector General of the justice Ministry],” Graham said, according to the argument, that Rosenstein should not be dismissed, unless the President thinks that he’s lying. “Rosenstein is not doing this country a disservice by seeking the appointment of a special counsel.

“It said gives Graham a bureaucratic coup d’état against President Trump undetected here,”. “Before the election, the people in question tried to ruin you, to tilt the election in Clinton’s favor — and after the election, they are trying to undermine the President. I don’t know what Rosenstein, but I know what [Andy] McCabe, [Bruce] ear [Lisa], and [Peter]have Strzok. She’s trying to destroy this President.”

Gregg Re is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @gregg_re.

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