Sen. John Kennedy slams Pelosi for the use of impeachment as a “routine political weapon”

in the vicinityVideoSen. John Kennedy on the upcoming FISA report, possible impeachment proceedings in the Senate

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy, Republican member of the Senate legal Committee, joins Chris Wallace on ” Fox News Sunday.’

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., on Sunday, the house of the impeachment inquiry in President trump in the hunt for a “red herring suggested,” if you try to determine whether or not the President has tied foreign aid to Ukraine, an inquiry to his political rivals, and he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif attacked., for the preparation of impeachment proceedings a “political weapon.”

Speaking on “Fox News Sunday,” Kennedy gave way to a question from Chris Wallace whether Trump asked to examine Ukraine, corruption or to investigate the former Vice-President, Joe Biden, and instead called on Pelosi for the politicisation of the impeachment process.

“Speaker Pelosi is acting in a manner that is false, even by the standards of the Congress,” said Mr Kennedy. “It is the prosecution in a routine political weapon.”


Kennedy went on to criticize the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff Republicans call move to bar non-permitted witnesses for the prosecution request “to defend the President.”

A number of Democrats on the house Intelligence Committee, commented that the President is welcome to testify before the Committee during the impeachment hearings.


On the question of whether it is quid pro quo between Trump and Ukrainian presidents Vladimir Zelensky, when the President asked his Eastern counterpart, in the Ukraine of shops of Biden and his son Hunter, Kennedy made his feelings clear.

“The quid pro quo is a distraction,” he said. “President Trump asked for an investigation into the possible corruption of someone who happens to have a political rival. The matter, if proven, would be in the national interest.”

The impeachment investigation, Trump began when an Informant reported that the trombone pushed Zelensky had to launch a public inquiry into the Biden family, the shops in the Ukraine — in particular, why the former Vice-President under the pressure of former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is set to fire, a top state Prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who is the investigation of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings.


Hunter Biden works for a Ukrainian gas company, which was at the same time his father, leads the Obama administration’s diplomatic relations with Kiev. Although the timing concerns of anti-corruption advocates, there is no evidence of misconduct by the former Vice-President or his son.


Kennedy’s comments come two days after his fellow Republican senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, in a letter on Thursday to foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and apply for the release of all documents relating to contacts between Biden, whose son and Poroshenko.

Graham’s letter was published, as of the last day of the public hearings in the house wrapped impeachment inquiry in President Trump, asked Pompey to solve a series of documents and transcripts of the talks in 2016 between Biden and Poroshenko in relation to an investigation of Burisma Holdings.

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