Sen. Doug Jones drives the political implications of a vote to remove trump from the office

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Sr., Doug Jones, D-Ala., brushed off concerns on Sunday to remove the vote, the President of trump card from the office would doom his chances of re-election in the year 2020, in his deeply conservative Southern state

Jones, who later represented the first Democrat to Alabama in the Senate since 1997, after winning a by-election in 2017, it is argued that the threat of court of the impeachment is following Trump procedure in the Senate is more important than elections policy.

“Anyone who wants to talk about, in the political conditions and the political consequences of term,” Jones said during an appearance on ABC’s “This week.” “This is a much more serious matter than that.”


Jones added: “to do so with the future of the presidency and how we want our President to behave themselves. It has everything to do with the future of the Senate and how the Senate will handle the prosecution and indictment, that come across. That’s how I am in this search.”


Jones, Republican Roy Moore defeated to complete in 2017 a special election for the Senate vacancy created when Jeff Sessions was President of the Trump first U.S. attorney General. Now, the Senate considered the endangered Democrat, Jones a full term in the rule is seeking a reliable the red.

His 2017 victory was supported by a scandal, when Moore, the accused has already been a divisive figure among the state, the voters, behavior of sexual misconduct. Several women said Moore is pursuing a romantic and sexual relationship with you, when you were a teenager, and he was a state attorney in his 30s.

David Hughes, a political scientist at Auburn University in Montgomery, said Jones is an “extremely tough battle.”


Jones runs in a year, when Trump, who is extremely popular in the state, is on the ballot, will drive GOP turnout, Hughes said. He will also be running again to take against Moore, as well as sessions is looking back on his seat.


Jones played down speculation that the Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell that he is talking from a lack of the Democrats in a vote, the President.

“I have no idea what Mitch speaks McConnell these days,” Jones said, adding that he needs a “complete picture” of his decision to remove trump from the office.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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