Sen. Dick Durbin compares Thai football to migrants team-children separated from their families

FILE – In this 3. July 2018, file image taken from video provided by the Royal Thai Navy Facebook page, the boys smile, as Thai Navy SEAL medic injured children help in a cave in Mae Sai, Thailand. The group was in front of 2. July cut off after 10 days completely from the outside world, and while they are usually physically healthy, experts say the torment is probably the mental toll could continue to increase the longer the situation lasts. (Royal Thai Navy Facebook page about AP, file)

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., on Sunday, compared to the more than 2,300 migrant children separated from their parents after crossing illegally into the United States, the boys soccer team, which is currently trapped in a cave in Northern Thailand.

“Heart and prayers are with those guys in Thailand caught in the cave,” Durbin said on NBC’s “Meet The Press.” “I hope that our hearts and prayers are also with thousands of children, small children and infants away from their parents by the trump-administration under the zero-tolerance.”

Durbin added: “you are trapped in a bureaucratic cave. So, let us not forget.”

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It is still not clear how many children were separated from families, which remain separate under the zero-tolerance policy, or how many. Trump administration said officials 2,342 children were separated from 2,206 parents between 5. May and 9. June. Trump is stopped, the separations in June 20.

About 520 children were reunited with their families within days, because the improper entry of convictions were done, before the minor turned over were years, the custody of health and Human Services, which is responsible for the care of unaccompanied children. HHS Secretary Alex Azar told a congressional Committee last month, there were 2,047 children in his Agency’s care.

On Thursday, Azar said, there are somewhere “under 3,000” children who are believed to have been separated, but that includes children, the lost, the parents on the trip, not just the parents of the detained goods at the border. He said no Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been transferred to custody.

A Federal judge in San Diego, had heard of the case of a woman who dominates separated from her child on June 26 that the families must be reunited within 30 days of his order, and the children are from July 10 if younger than five.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., in a comparison of more than 2,300 migrants-children separated from their parents after crossing illegally into the United States, the boys soccer team, which is currently trapped in a cave in Northern Thailand.

(The Associated Press)

But it is still not clear how this will work. Homeland Security has a staging area in the Port Isabel detention center in Texas, where the parents can be detained until your children come. But it is not clear where you go after that — the three operating family detention facilities are near capacity.

It’s not all the parents together is also possible with your children; HHS has also have to follow a strict set of guidelines that the Agency, in order to determine a suitable sponsor, including a home visit and a criminal background check.

Health and Human Services provided more than 200 employees to the review of cases of separated children. Azar said, parents and kids are indisputable to be for the DNA matching for paternity and checks carried out to make it as fast as possible, the court, period. He suggested the children would be transferred to ICE custody in Port Isabel just before the deadline. But he signalled that they would ask a judge for more time.

Azar said, about 100 of the are living separately and the children are younger than five, and shall be subject to the fast approaching July 10 deadline. Officials there say they know the locations of all the children — some were sent hundreds of miles away, in shelters across the country operated by non-profit organizations that will take care of you, until one of the parents is identified part or other sponsor.

A judge has put off — at least until Monday to decide on a trump administration’s request for more time to re-unite the children under the age of five with her parents.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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