Self-proclaimed ‘inventor of email’ loses lawsuit against website

Self-proclaimed ‘inventor of email’ loses lawsuit against website

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An American who claims that he is the inventor of e-mail, a lawsuit lost against a technologiesite who had written that that is not the case.

The site Techdirt on Wednesday upheld by a court in the state of Massachusetts, reports the site itself.

Entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai had Techdirt been accused of defamation. In an article had a journalist from the technologiesite written that Ayyadurai, although in 1978 an e-mailachtig program had made, but that he can’t be seen as the inventor of e-mail as we know it today.

Judge Dennis Saylor dismissed the indictment of Ayyadurai because, according to him, not with security to determine who should be considered the inventor of e-mail. Even the content of the concept ‘e-mail’ is not objectively determined, according to the court.

Also, if the inaccuracy of the Techdirt article could be proven, would the site be protected by the constitutional right to freedom of expression, writes Saylor.


Techdirt founder Mike Masnick responds pleased, but says that the lawsuit is not in the cold clothes is going to sit. “A case such as this is extremely tiring – especially on an emotional level – and the freedom of expression strong to curb.”

Last year knew Ayyadurai a compensation of $ 750,000 to win the blog Gawker. That site went under, when the compensation of 31 million dollars had to pay to the wrestler Terry Gene Bollea better known as Hulk Hogan. The settlement with Ayyadurai was linked to the compensation for Hogan.

Typically, Ray Tomlinson, considered the inventor of e-mail as we know it today. The American, who last year died, designed in 1971, a digital messaging system that was developed to the current e-mail system.

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