Self-mushroom picking: “If can be edible, not poisonous distinguish

September and October are the best months for yourself, mushrooms. However, it is not as easy as it seems to be about a professional wildplukker Edwin Florès. “To a layman it may not be just like the poisonous from the edible to distinguish, you have to have, first of all, basic knowledge is needed.”

In the Netherlands, growing to about five thousand different species of mushrooms. There are only one hundred and fit for consumption. The non-edible medicinal mushrooms, there are thirty-toxic, of which there are ten, to kill, if they are eating.

Mushroom picking is allowed in the Netherlands, according to the state Forestry service, at their own risk. “By the time you are allowed 250 grams of mushrooms for their own consumption and harvesting. This is about as much as a cup of mushrooms,” says Florès, the author of The great wildplukboek. Also, he and Ron Blue, and It is Resting on Ron’s Gastrobar is The wildplukkookboek, and John Farmer, also an avid wildplukker the award-winning book, and Mushrooms.

The picking of fungi is not harmful to the environment, but it can have an effect on the ecosystem, as animals such as wild boar and roe deer mushrooms, food, mushrooms are important food trees provide.

In a workshop on edible mushrooms, the following questions have to be answered:

  • Where you are growing edible mushrooms you want to pick?
  • In what is the season of growing these mushrooms?
  • How to determineer you with the evil eye?
  • If the mushroom you have found in all of the criteria?
  • How do you read a guide?
  • How to tell a healthy snail looks like?
  • How do you make the mushrooms clean?
  • How much longer can the evil eye be stored?
  • How many grams of mushrooms should you pick?
  • What kind of material do you take with you if you have mushrooms that are going to pick?

First, you’ll need a professional on the road

“It is not advisable to just put in the woods for wild mushrooms. You have to know what are the edible species of mushroom you want to collect it,” said Florès, who is discovered by a technician of the forest and into the field, or in a workshop about edible mushrooms is to follow.

“As a beginner, you will have to take at least two guides need to learn how to identify them. You have to learn to find their way in how to make a guide should read it.”

It advises Florès for you as a beginner is to focus on one particular paddenstoelsoort where you are and then, with the help of a field guide to the internet – is well into it. “Preferably, an edible species of mushroom, which do not or hardly have a poisonous lookalike, such as the porcini mushrooms. This is not to be confused with any other fungi, so it is a great mushroom to start with.”

After your extensive research, you will know that the cep is a mushroom with a thick cap and tube at the bottom, you are ready to go. “But you have to like the octopus – in which you have reason to suspect that, indeed, cep is found, is expanded to identify using a field guide.”

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The fear of poisoning is

According to new figures from the National Poisons Information Centre show that this year, for sure nine people have become ill after eating the mushrooms. The center warned for years of the wildplukken of medicinal mushrooms, and is expected that the number of poisonings in the coming years will continue to rise, due to the weather conditions – rain after a hot period of time.

When you eat a poisonous mushroom, you get to experience vomiting and diarrhea. After that, it may result in damage to the liver, which can lead to (sometimes fatal) liver failure.

The fear of the paddenstoelenvergiftiging is, according to the Florès, but there are still plenty of people who are chosen for mushrooms to pick and eat them. “People sometimes contact me when they have an unknown mushroom, have picked it and ate it. Without having to determine so. They are asking me whether the mushroom is edible or not. It’s an outrage.”

Tips for finding edible mushrooms:

  • Go to the first of two to be a connoisseur on the road
  • Determineer always
  • For sale are two great guides
  • Be prepared and know what to pick in every season
  • In case of doubt, never had a mushroom picking and eating it

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