Self-help guru Tony Robbins is accused of sexual misconduct

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Self-help guru Tony Robbins is accused of sexually harassing fans and people of his staff — when he’s not berating the victims of rape and violence in expletive-filled rants, according to a scathing new report.

The famous 59-year-old motivational speaker’s alleged misconduct consists of his bodyguards troll the audience for the attractive female fans to him, a Buzzfeed investigation revealed Friday.

Robbins, who is married to his second wife since 2001, is also accused of themselves to two officers, the report said.

Secret recordings, obtained by BuzzFeed reportedly revealed that the “Awaken the Giant Within” author has also been terrible for some women who have come to the microphone on his popular multi-day events and turned out they were raped and emotionally and physically abused.

When a female guest, speaking at a December 2018 seminar in Palm Beach, Florida, said her husband emotionally abused her, Robbins allegedly dismissed her as only “focused on her needs.

“We have not heard a thing in the last 12 minutes about his needs. And we are already described as emotional violence. There is no f–king thing,” he said, according to BuzzFeed.

The woman explains to Robbins that there was physical violence.

“What role did you play?” Robbins said, according to the site. “I am not suggesting that there is no excuse for hitting a woman, so hear me. But I also want you to know that people don’t just act a certain f–king way.”

Robbins later reportedly added, “he Has looked out for you, he than with you when you already have a crazy b—h? Have you ever had a crazy b—h? Ever?”

In another incident, Robbins shot back to a woman who claimed that she was raped, the report said.

“She is f–king with all these things to try and control men,” Robbins reportedly said.

Robbins would hit on the single women in his crowds, telling a female guest to “come on the stage to make love to me,” according to BuzzFeed.

Two former bodyguards told the site he got them on the yacht crowd for attractive women to bring to him.

Ex-staff members said that she was also sexually abused by the self-help guru.

A former assistant who worked for him in the 1990s, said he would send her notes when he was in the shower.

“He would call you in the bathroom with him. “Hey, come here, I need you to make a note of something,'” she told Buzzfeed. “He just didn’t care, he was too strong.”

Robbins’ lawyers said that he “never intentionally naked” in the presence of staff members.

“To the extent that he is naked at various times in his house or in hotels when working as a dressing or showering, and or a personal assistant can be present for one reason or another at that time, Mr. Robbins has no memory,” his lawyers told the news outlet.

The lawyers said they had “”not enough time to respond fully” investigation into the allegations, but “threatened with a lawsuit, that would have a devastating effect on the financial condition of BuzzFeed and the investors,” says the site.

This story was previously published in the New York Post.

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