Self-confidence of girls with asthma or eczema are lower than for the boys

Self-confidence of girls with asthma or eczema are lower than for the boys

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Girls of primary school age with asthma or eczema have an average of less self-confidence than girls without these disorders. In boys, there is, on average, no effect on self-confidence.

Of the 4 – to 12-year-olds had, in 2016, 4 percent of children have asthma, and 6 percent chronic eczema. That turns out Monday from research of statistics netherlands and Erasmus MC.

For the research were the data of 5,300 children from the Health survey of statistics netherlands between 2010 and 2013. The questions are answered by their parents.

Girls with the mentioned diseases have on average a lower psychosocial quality of life. So they have according to their parents are less confident in their own ability and appearance, and show more difficult behaviour. Boys with eczema or asthma have, on average, not less self-confidence than boys, these restrictions do not have.

Quality of life

Children with asthma and/or eczema have on average a lower physical quality of life than children without a chronic condition. This is because they are affected by their disease encounter when they, for example, when friends are going to play, and more often have pain. Both boys and girls, these physical limitations, according to the research.

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