‘Selecting medical students leads to less diversity

‘Selecting medical students leads to less diversity

The selection of medical students, that since this year, by all the faculties is used, does not necessarily lead to more motivated and better performing students. Also the diversity of the students, and so future doctors, is less by selection.

That concludes Anouk Wouters, which is Thursday at this will be awarded a phd at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Wouters conducted for her study, including conversations with a number of future medical students. “In medicine is the failure rate is already very low and the study results are often good,” says Wouters of Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant. “Selection is costly, and yields but a small profit on.”

From this year, the eight geneeskundefaculteiten only new students through the selection. It is hereby also given on the figures, but also on personality traits and motivation. From Wouters’ research shows, however, that the answers that the candidates respond, their motivation is not fully displaying.


This concludes Wouters for young people with other ethnic background than Dutch, feudalism a threshold. “A selection at the gate scares them still. “I’m not through’, some may think. While diversity understand is sorely needed, because the patient population is multi-ethnic.”

Candidates can their lose motivation and, therefore, waive the selection procedure because they previously had to deal with inequality in obtaining a work placement or help with the preparation for the selection procedure.

Some faculties select their students for a few years for a part in this way. A student will be allowed a maximum of three times trying to get a place at a geneeskundestudie to get hold of. It is up to the institution to determine whether a student there several times a attempt venture, or after a first rejection from another university, should apply.

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