Ségolène Jacmin, business brain of fashion brand Façon Jacmin: “I enjoy the sound of the crickets’

Two months, and to tell of interesting people about their zomerwensen and plans. Today: Ségolène Jacmin, the business force behind the Belgian denimlabel Façon Jacmin. “Despite the fact that Kyoto is a big city, there is a certain serenity and calmness.’

Ségolène Jacmin © gf

Together with her twin sister Alexandra founded Ségolène in 2016, the Belgian fashion label Façon Jacmin. In november 2017 won the award for ‘Emerging talent of the year’ by the Belgian Fashion Awards. They were honored for their unique vision and approach. “The twins creates the ultimate denim wardrobe for women. They bring their timeless and versatile creations from Japanese denim in an original way to the consumer,’ says the jury.

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Alexandra is responsible for the design and Ségolène take the business side into account.

What was the best summer of your life?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: The summer that I got married, four years ago, was undoubtedly the best summer of my life. After the wedding, which is already memorable, I left on honeymoon with my husband to Namibia. There we have to with our jeep for a month long, just wandered about and on the roof of the car, in a tent, slept. It was the longest break that I have in my life already had, and everything felt so carefree.


The summer that I got married, was undoubtedly the best summer of my life.

Have you ever seen a zomerlief had?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: No, I have in my life, but two relationships had, were always taken seriously.

What is your favorite zonnebestemming?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: The different regions in the south of France! Provence, Ardèche, the Côte d’azur,… I can greatly enjoy the sound of the crickets. I go here on holiday from childhood and I still find it fantastic. Good food, warm weather, and it is all reasonably close. The region is also ideal for roadtrippen: you’ll find one cozy place after another.

Which route do you explain the most and why?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: The studio of FAÇON JACMIN is right next to my house, so I don’t have to go far each day. I enjoy from my afternoon walk to the supermarket. It is still not very far, but I consider this to be my daily break.

How long would your ideal summer last?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: A summer need for me not longer than two months to take. If the heat lasts too long, you’re too hard to just. In the summer, everything is calmer, quieter and slower and I can enjoy it, but I like also of action and when things go forward. In Singapore, where for a while I lived have, again it is very monotonous. I need to siezoenen and I price I am happy that we in Belgium in a beautiful way, the four seasons can experience.


With two going on a trip the things forward, so you get more done and also seen more.

Soloreiziger, romantic, with two on a trip or prefer to stay in group?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: preferably I go with two on a trip. A whole day trek with the backpack, and then in the evening the tent up. With two things go ahead, so you get more done and also seen more.

Way disclose to us your ideal zomersong

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: ‘Coco Câline’ by Julien Doré. It is very summery, soft, maybe a bit childish, but it makes you happy. It is French music, and reminds me of our trips with the family earlier in the south of France.

What is the scent of the summer?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: Monoi! It is the oil that is used in Tahiti to your body and its lubrication. It is made on the basis of the petals of the Tiaré Tahiti and smells so good. Now I reflect speak, I want to bring up the smear.

What do you think is the best terrace in your own neighborhood?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: Café Le Dillens in Saint-Gilles (Brussels). It gives an authentic impression, has a great map and is huge mulitcultureel. The terrace is equipped with a giant tree and that gives you the feeling as if you are as it were in the south here. I talk often with a friend on Monday morning, it is a little bit of my ritual for the week a good start.

Façon Jacmin: Alexandra and Ségolène © gf

Which ice cream flavor is missing there still in this world?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: Gemberijs! Maybe it exists already, but I haven’t found. I think ginger is always fresh and powerful, you’ll get there energy from.

In which outfit do you feel best during the summer months?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: In the long ROMY dress from our collection. The dress gives you an airy and free feeling, because of its wide cut. However, it is not strandjurk and remains, despite the spagettibandjes, a dressed outfit.

What is your favorite city in the world?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: Kyoto. Despite the fact that it is a big city, there is a certain serenity and calmness. The flowers, the nature, the temples: it compensates for all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Your favorite form of travel?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: A trip, without a doubt. Three days, with the backpack, cooking on your own fire. That are the trips with the most beautiful memories. The aim of a summit to reach, and the exciting aspect because beforehand do not know whether this will succeed, gives me energy. I can really enjoy it.


When I was traveling in Cuba, had my husband and I begging for money at the embassy.

Do you have an ultimate dream hotel?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: Yes! Somewhere in France there is a hotel that at the same time a zoo is. That seems to me fantastic, sleep with a view of the brown bears and zebras.

What is your funniest reisanekdote?

SÉGOLÈNE JACMIN: When I was traveling in Cuba, had my husband and I begging for money at the embassy. We had no cash taken and our cards weren’t working. We were stuck in Havana. A grandmother helped us out in time of need and left us with her for a week stay.

We have 200 euro at the embassy, and for a week eaten bread and drunk water in Havana to the problem with the banks is solved. We have never understood what the problem was and why it suddenly resolved…

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