Seen in Cannes: ‘Elle’ – Paul Verhoeven, “a distinct blend of suspense, satire and thrill’

Ten years after the black book is Paul Verhoeven finally along with a new film, and The Sultan of Shock, such as the Dutch veteran in the wonderfully bombastic Hollywoodhoogdagen of RoboCop (1987), Basic Instinct (1992) and Showgirls (1995) was called, his tricks are clearly still not forgotten.

Isabelle Huppert © GF

In his first French production to a novel by Philippe Djian – lures Verhoeven Isabelle Huppert are kinky universe as the dominant director of a computergamesbedrijf that on a certain day at her home was raped by a masked man, but it is not necessary to its surroundings accordingly.

What secrets does the manipulative man even more hides, and who exactly pulls the strings in your hands, let Verhoeven you little by little discover for himself, while the present and the past, Eros and Thanatos, and even the characters and the plot, meanwhile, a plagerig game play with each other.

With its distinct blend of suspense, satire and thrill – Huppert is repeatedly raped – can you feel the shadows of Hitchcock, De Palma, Chabrol, and especially Verhoeven himself with voyeuristic pleasure to the corner to lie in wait. And even though the mix of Hollywoodthriller and psychodrama à la Française at times some lube and more in-your-face sex appeal, Verhoeven likes to make the narrative the pass and serves its ambiguity – or is it immorality? – with a diabolical grin, with an unfathomable Huppert and with a sense of rhythm and space that all basisinstincten adequately satisfies.

A portion of pulp that Catherine Tramell, the writing moordgriet from Basic Instinct, with pleasure, the legs would open.

Dave Mestdach

Dave Mestdach, our filmman in Cannes, brings a daily report on the Croisette.

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  • Seen in Cannes: ‘Elle’ – Paul Verhoeven, “a distinct blend of suspense, satire and thrill’
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