See: in Iceland they cook bread with the help of lava

Siggi at last, Hilmarsson learned from his mother how he and rye bread can bake it in a very unconventional oven.

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The geothermal bakery Hilmarsson is a crazy sight for tourists, but very common for the baker and his family. The recipe for hverabraud, the strong, sweet rye bread, is from parent to child passed. In the case of Hilmarsson, it was his mother that the secrets by whispered and they got the family recipe from her mother. The loaves of bread in a pot and buried in the neighbourhood of a geiser. The temperature of the ground is not measured, as it clearly is, or it is hot enough or not. ‘If necessary, I feel it with my fingers or the temperature is well’, says the baker.

Volcanic pastries

Geysir, the famous geyser of Iceland, is the reason that this type of thermal springs, geysers. It is a volcanic phenomenon and there are only six large geisergebieden on earth, including Iceland. The land of fire and ice is geological, some twenty million years ago by volcanic activity in the Atlantic Ocean.

The famous geysers of the island nation of Iceland not only ensure a pleasant hot bath in the Blue Lagoon and similar thermal baths, but also for delicious breads. The inhabitants save energy through the dough of their bread twenty-four hours underground to stop until they are cooked. ‘We would be the loaves in the oven can bake, but this is much more fun’, says the baker to be of service. Right he is!

Self desire on a piece of warm rye bread from Iceland? During the classical tour on the island, the Golden Circle tour, you can visit books at the Fontana bakery.

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