Security researchers hack the Tesla Model S through wi-fi

Security researchers hack the Tesla Model S through wi-fi

Photo: AFP

Chinese security researchers have the software of the Tesla Model S wireless know to crack. By the leak it was possible to get the doors to unlock and the brakes to activate while the car is driving.

The problem is, after a report quickly resolved by Tesla, report the researchers from the Chinese internetgigant Tencent in a blog post.

For the leak to abuse had the Tesla owner to connect to a rogue wifi network and then the browser on the dashboard. In a video the researchers see how they then control of the car over it.

Researchers hack into Tesla Model S

The risk of abuse of the leak also seems to be for the discovery to be small, because users themselves several unlikely acts to perform.

It is not the first time that a car gets hacked. In the US, more recently, 1.4 million vehicles by Fiat Chrysler recalled because they hacked could be.

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