Security finger print scanner iPhone 5S partially cracked

Security finger print scanner iPhone 5S partially cracked

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A hacker has the decryptiesleutel obsolete of the secure chip which the finger print scanner of the iPhone 5S manages.

Therefore, the operation of the secure chip is now partially understood. The content of the chip, however, remains safe.

A hacker known under the name of ‘xerub’ has the firmware of the so-called Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) hacked. Thursday put the hacker the decryptiesleutel online.

The SEP was together with the iPhone 5S in addition to the Touch ID-finger print scanner announced. The scanner and the SEP are linked, and the SEP is running separately from the rest of the iPhone on its own software. As a result, the chip is inviolable, even if it would be iOS to be hacked.

Each time the scanner is used, for example, to log in, is that by the SEP handled. That happens in isolation of the rest of the system, and also in a hitherto unknown way. The decryptiesleutel makes the way in which the SEP is now working partly transparent.

Content safe

The content of the chip is as yet, however secure, says Apple at Threatpost. If the key is indeed legitimate, is user data according to the company is not in danger.

By the operation of the SEP to view, hackers and security researchers may be weaknesses in the code that you discover. Hacker xerub tells TechRepublic that openness is important.

“The fact that the SEP behind a key was hidden, worries me,” said the hacker. “Trust Apple not enough on the SEP to that without decryption?

Although Apple have always been very closed about the way his systems work, is the behavior of iOS since 2016 is unencrypted.

Also pay Apple benign hackers since money for reporting vulnerabilities. Who vulnerabilities are discovered, making the content of the DEC can be read, when reporting on Apple to $ 100,000.

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