Secretary-general, UN fears genocide in South Sudan

Secretary-general, UN fears genocide in South Sudan

Photo: AFP

Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon and the United Nations fears a genocide in South Sudan if the countries of the UN does not immediately occur.

Ban calls on the Security council, the highest body of the organization, in an arms embargo. Only in this way can a genocide may be prevented.

“If the us fails to take action, is South Sudan on a course in the direction of mass atrocities,” said Ban. “The Security council must take steps to wapenstroom to South Sudan.”

In the African country going on since december 2013 a civil war, where hundreds of thousands of people on the flight have been captured. Tens of thousands of people came to life. According to the UN, there are signs that the sectarian violence in the country can greatly increase.

UN commissioner Yasmin Sooka has already been the fear expressed that there is a repetition of a genocide threatens, such as those in Rwanda took place in 1994. Then, in one hundred days, between 500,000 and 1 million Hutus and tutsis murdered.

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